Yawning By Marley

What is Yawning?

Yawning is a mystery to many people. There will be telling you examples, quotes and much more about this conundrum. You may have seen someone yawn, and then you yawn; right? Even if that has never happened, you will be captivated by this enigma.

Yawning is a reaction caused by many different things. There are many conflicts about the cause. Christopher Bergland has a strong opinion about the subject.

The History of Yawning

The history of yawning is not very well known; therefore, most people don’t know how much trial and error scientists have been through.

First, Hypocrites believed that the purpose of yawning was to get rid of the “bad” air in your body and bring in “good” air. Following was the theory that you were breathing in more oxygen and breathing out all the carbon dioxide. After that was yawning is triggered by your brain temperature, if your brain was hot, you would yawn more. In the end, scientists decided on a more detailed version of their third idea; that we yawn to prevent the brain from getting hot, which can diminish awareness. brain temperatures rise when we are tired when we’re unstimulated and also circumstances such as hot ambient temperatures or infections.

Timeline of what Yawning is

Is Yawning Contagious?

Christopher Bergland claims “Yawing definitely contagious! Seeing, hearing, or even thinking about yawning can trigger it.” To sum it up he believes that yawning is contagious because in ancient days people believed it was a good thing to be synchronised, so when others yawn, they would yawn as well. He believes this against many other opinions. Another opinion is Mark A. W. Andrews. He proclaims Yawning is a way of absent-mindedly being empathetic for others when they yawn. Other sources agree that yawning has nothing to do with energy level and is just a reflex from monkeys that we have evolved.

A Group Yawning

There are many misconceptions of yawning. One main misconception is that yawning happens only when you’re tired. It is mostly agreed in most scientists that this is NOT the case. Most agree that yawning is triggered by things such as change of state of awareness and changing positions in an extreme way. I decided to add an explanation in the introduction.

Causes of yawning

The subject of yawning is a very controversial topic; one source declares yawning increases with boredom! It’s everywhere! Another contradicts that yawning has nothing to do with energy level, and is only to cool down our brains. They are similar because when you are tired, your brain heats up and you become tired. And the second one simply states that yawning is to cool down our brains. These sources are alike in that they both have to do with your brain temperature.

Venn Diagram of both sides on Yawning

On the other hand, the first source states that it only has to do with energy level, and the other does not.

As well, yawning is a sign of our bodies changing conditions. E.g, when you get up in the morning, your body is changing is changing conditions. Or if you were in class on the carpet and you stand up, you might yawn. Get the drift? Additionally when our state of awareness is changing. Now you probably get it.


In conclusion, you can tell that yawning is a very controversial topic. Now, if you ever yawn you could notice the people around you, see if they yawn. If they do, which cause made them yawn. So, what do you think makes YOU yawn!


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