Race Together U.K

The issue of racism in relation to immigration is still rampant particularly subsequent to Brexit. There is a distorted perception perpetuated by the media, which in turn results in discriminative discourse. Therefore if Race Together campaign was launched in the UK, it would most likely be linked to the problem of racism towards immigrants, which is what the campaign we have planned is orientated around

Aims and Objectives

To eradicate the stigma surrounding immigrants

To help create a more inclusive society

To educate the public about the reality of the situation immigrants are in

One phase of the U.S campaign was to write ‘#racetogether’ on the cups they were distributing to their customers which appeared to receive a lot of backlash. Instead of this, we believe that for the U.K campaign, it would be better to stick printed QR code stickers on the cups instead in order to trigger curiosity and encourage customers to investigate of their own accord. This code will then lead them to a domain, separate from the Starbucks entity, which will feature an explanation, carefully constructed videos from both Starbucks executives of various ethnic backgrounds and professionals, a forum to open up discourse about racism and people’s experiences with it and a statistics page which will reveal that the stigma around immigrants isn’t true

Conferences will be held all over the country with employees from various branches of Starbucks congregating together with the aforementioned executives who will educate them about the initiatives and objectives about the campaign so that this knowledge can be repeated to the public and also to allow the employees to voice any concerns they may harbor

The most controversial aspect of the U.S campaign seemed to be that a rich, white billionaire fronted it rather than someone from the ethnic minority fronted it. We were wary of this and believe that by placing non-white Starbucks executives such as Chris Carr or Rajiv Chandrasekaram at the forefront of this campaign then it may seem more sincere instead of an attempt to improve the reputation of the corporation

We would also take advantage of social media by creating a new hashtag, and running a week of short documentary type videos about immigrants from various ethnic backgrounds that have dealt with racism, with a specific ethnicity being highlighted on the day

We would launch this campaign in spring, a season often associated with being rejuvenated, being open, wanting to change yourself in order to become a better person which would be reflected in the website and on social media

Another element of our campaign is the ‘Starbucks nighttime takeover’ whereby with permission from local councils, a crowd will be commissioned to plaster their towns and cities at night in environmentally, easily removable stickers depicting the same QR code that features on the cups. This will be filmed and released in the days subsequent to the takeover, claiming credit and providing reasoning

. Following this, a graffiti wall in London will be booked to feature an image related to the cause; perhaps a row of identical skeletons with the names of different ethnicities written beneath them with the caption ‘what’s the difference? We’re all the same.’ This will again be filmed and the footage released in the days succeeding the event.


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