Campus Life At Indiana university

Merrillville senior Richard Grey picking his next card in "If You Had To." Grey won once.
A IU orientation leader talking to photographers. He is asking what they are up to.
Merrillville senior Richard Grey taking back his flip flops from his roomate Jack Scolaro.
Students walking near IU's auditorium. Most are likely new freshmen exploring IU's campus.
High angle of the orientation at Herman B. Wells Library.
The yearbook class working on how to schedule. This could include how to set a deadline and how to reach that deadline.
A employee at a local restaurant, The Grill, grilling hamburgers.
A low shot of the Sample Gates that leads either into B Town or to the older part of the IU campus.
Near the sample gates, a broadcaster is filming a freshman IU soccer player. Schmidt is juggling the ball.


Jonas Hollis

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