Dynasty Of The Han Nikolas gheiler

The Han's Great Economy

I feel that out of all the Great dynasties and the poor dynasties, indeed the Han is the best out of them all. I feel this way because the Han came up with one of the best inventions China has ever seen, in the silk road. Even though all dynasties come to an end I believe the Han did everything they could to benefit all of society while all the others were very cruel and harsh to society. The invention of the silk road is something that allowed society to start a company to support this. This was great because all of these manufactured goods were being traded, and with this wealth came wealth and a stable family.


Han's Social Flaws

Even though I full on respect the Han dynasty it of course did come to an end because, just like any other dynasty it did have some flaws. One major flaw that the Han dynasty did have was socially. I feel this way because the leader during the silk road made it look as if he did all the work. The workers were angry with this and then later killed him. This is a very important part of the Han dynasty because if the leader were to have communicated with society than the negative outcome would have been much less. In fact there would have been no negative impact.

Han's Politics

I feel the Han's politics was indeed powerful. This true because everyone in society basically had some input. In addition if society did not like something they would obviously stand up and over rule the leader. There are many things that the Han dynasty did as a society to achieve power. For example they added to the Great wall which was a power move to keep others not wanted out. And lastly of course the silk road was something very powerful that allowed them to gain power in trade.

Han Religion

I feel the Han's religion was very good. In fact the Han just like any other Chinese culture valued there religion. Everything they did was for there gods that they live by and value so much. In fact, when there was a ruler and they didn't want them to rule anymore they would say they don't have the power of the god's anymore.

Han's Intelligence

I feel all of China is smart and all of the dynasties including the Han. The Chinese can relate to Athens in terms of intelligence everything that they do is down to the point. Including the fact of extending the Great wall long and high enough to keep others out so that they can grow crops. Furthermore, when needing to push the flow of water they were smart enough to heat and cool the rocks so that they would break and the water would flow.

Han's Artistic Side

One of the most things I love most is China's artistic side. This all started with the silk road. This is true because all of these goods being traded allowed people to start companies and make things that were absolutely beautiful. These things were shipped and moved everywhere making creativity and art work everywhere.


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