Crown Jewels Comedy Club April 2017 - The Queen of hoxton, shoreditch

Matthew McAloone hosts the Crown Jewels Comedy Club

Every couple of months the Queen of Hoxton plays host to the Crown Jewels Comedy Club hosted by Matthew McAloone. It's a collection of incredible comic acts from the most promising up-and-comer to the most seasoned pro with hilarity from the off and non-stop laughs throughout.

Entering 'the Queen' you take the stairs down to the basement space where you'll be greeted by low lighting, disco balls and art-deco neon wall decorations, but don't let that fool you, the atmosphere is warm and inviting and immediately puts you at ease. That sort of relaxed environment lends itself perfectly to the laughs that are to follow.
The audience settled in quickly for what was a fantastic night of laughs. The bill consisted of Host Matthew mcaloone, david whitney, brodi snook, jamali maddix, john meagher and headline act bryan lacey. A powerful mix of experienced and newer acts meant that the folks in attendance were treated to the sort of live stand up comedy that so many others never get to experience in the age of panel shows and netflix.
David whitney was first up on the night

The night is relaxed but the pace of the comedy never lets up. The format allows for established acts to work out new material alongside the headline act (on this occasion Bryan Lacey) doing their 20 minute set. This sort of mix isn't something that you'll find very easily and is a special kind of atmosphere. There are points at which the act will jump from a new gag in to crowd work seamlessly and other points where a new bit of material will falter and stutter but in the moment the experience of the performer and the relaxed atmosphere of the room allows for a mutual acknowledgment of the moment. Then the next will get up and storm through a well rehearsed and polished 10 minutes of hilarious material. All in all a special night of comedy.

Aussie comedian brodi snook takes to the stage! MAtthew seems confounded by the microphone...
the combative charm of jamali maddix never allows the audience to just sit back and take it in. he hilariously pokes and prods at their sensibilities making for a no-holds-barred comedy experience.
Irishman john meagher ditches the microphone and we all try to hold on as this master story teller takes us along for a journey from pet seagulls to risque escapades.. it's a case of 'blink and you miss it' as he weaves hilarious details in to his unique narrative style.
Host, matthew mcaloone takes to the stage once more to introduce the night's headline act, bryan lacey.
headline act, bryan lacey delivered a brilliant headlining set. commanding the stage like the pro he is, he had the audience in stitches, capping off what was a memorable and fun night of live stand up.

Click the button above to find out when the next show is and make sure you don't miss out. It's sure to be a whole lot of fun with another expertly curated blend of comics.

The sun is setting, which means it's time for the show.
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Stephen Makin


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