Homeless In Seattle By Evin Moe

Devyn and his family In homeless encampment

Meeting Devyn In late October

My mom and I went to the new homeless encampment on Market, across the street from Taco Time and met Devyn. Devyn Is a 6 year old boy living with his parents who have been homeless for 8 years.The first time I met Devyn it was in late October, only 10 blocks from my home in Ballard. Devyn lives in a small encampment of Nickelsville across the street from Stone Gardens and Portage Bay. Me and my mom went to the opening of Nickelsville and we brought the people there warm cholcolate chip cookies that we baked. About 5 people including Devyn swarmed around the plate of cookies we had laid out and asked politely if they could have one. I said Yes, they are here for you. They devoured the cookies and one man told me that I had a good mom and that I should always take care of her. They seemed to love the cookies. Devyn and his family are living in one of the five mini homes in the encampment that volunteers built. The mini homes keep out the cold and are very small about the size of a really big honey bucket. I also gave Devyn some lego magazines, he loves legos and superheroes. I also brought him a sleeping bag that I am sure he will be very cozy in. When I was there me and Devyn played pass with a foam football that someone had donated to the camp. He seemed to love just playing with someone, another kid and when I walked in he looked at me and told me I looked like Peter Parker, I'll never forget that. Devyn was not half as shy as I guessed he would be, he passionately talked about Legos superheroes and what games he wanted to get and how he wished he had a DS to play them on. Devyn does not currently go to school, which is sad because I think he needs to be in school where he can play with other kids and learn. To pass the time he plays on the DS we had donated from a local group. We also got him a subscription to lego magazines.

A tiny house village is starting to take shape near 22nd and Union in Seattle. It should be open by January 4, 2016.

There are many shelters and more and more tiny houses are being built In Seattle.

The Jungle

Pictures Of The Jungle

Over 15,000 cars go over I-5, cruising over the pavement, people going to work. Or maybe a log truck driver is thinking about the 7 hour drive ahead of him. He can't wait to get home to soak In the bath and see his family. Kids are squirming In the back seat, waiting to get to their grandparents and fill their greedy mouths with sweet, sweet candy. Well, I bet that half of them did not know that there was an entire world underneath that cement that they are driving over. "The assessment team believes at least 400 people live in the 3-mile long, 150-acre area" from the article by steve kiggins. In the jungle, where people are just scraping by to get through the week. "Social workers believe The Jungle is so dangerous, addiction and homeless outreach services won’t even go inside" from article about the jungle by Steve Kiggins. The jungle Is a very dangerous place there are multiple reports of gunshots at night and yelling. Homeless people have being In the jungle since as early as the 1930s. It became more recognized In the 1990s when the city started to look at and realize the homeless problem. In 1994 around 50 encampments had around 125 tons of trash.Ever since there has being a camp of homeless people living In the jungle without food or running water and barely humane places to live. The Jungle Is an illegal encampment but the city and government never had It cleaned out because there are just too many people to deal with.

10,047 of people are Homeless In seattle. This was the official street count of 2015

Seattle Is a place of Innovation and various excitements and wonders. But many people don't know that King county Is one of the biggest places that homeless people live. More than 2,000 people are under 17 and homeless. Over 400 families are living In places that aren't meant for human Inhabitation. Homelessness Is all over Seattle wherever you go you might see someone that Is In need of shelter and food. They might have lost their home or family or have problems with drugs and alcohol or they could have lost their job. Lots of homeless people need help to get back up on their feet. Also some might need medical help or have mental illness problems. But lots of homeless people just want to be left alone and don't realize that they need help. I bet a lot of homeless people just don't really want to deal with getting a job and a home. I guess a lot are In a daze of being homeless and It probably Is like a dream a horrible dream that all you do Is try to get some rest and food. So people need to help these people and we need to help them get shelter whether It Is a small home a tent or homeless encampment. Second, we need to take away the drugs and alcohol and help the peoplethat have being affected by It. Third we need to get these people food and proper clothes to help them get back their lives. We need to help these people find jobs and help the young people so they don't grow up to be homeless.

Homelessness in Seattle is now a "state emergency" Ed Murrey declared. Homelessness is a big problem It effects the people that are living their life and effects the city It effects everyone living In Seattle. We as a group need to help homeless people and stop this. We can only do this together then we can significantly help the homeless problem In Seattle.

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