Healthy Eating wHAT IS IT?

What is healthy eating?

A brief definition would be eating a variety of different foods that give you the nutrients you need to be healthy. Some of these nutrients are protein, carbohydrates, fat, minerals, and many other nutrients. People who eat healthy are generally more physically fit and are normally more healthy.

Don't eat less, eat healthier

Benefits of Healthy Eating and Consequences for Not Eating Healthy

Healthy eating Benefits

  1. Reduces chances of heart disease including heart attack and stroke.
  2. Eating healthy foods like vegetables helps to prevent you from getting cancer.
  3. Reduces the risk of being overweight.
  4. Increases productivity meaning that you'll get things done easier.
  5. Eating healthy keeps you happy. For example, eating healthy foods means that you're getting more dopamine. Dopamine is a thing in your brain that helps you be happy.
  6. Eating healthy helps you to live longer. Studies show that the more healthier you eat, the longer life expectancy you'll get.

Consequences for not eating healthy

  1. It increases the chance that you'll get chronic illnesses like diabetes and cancer.
  2. Eating unhealthy may result in an increase in weight.
  3. Decreases the energy you'll have throughout your daily life.
  4. Increases the likelihood to be stressed.
  5. Shortens your life expectancy.
This is Canada's Food Guide. It allows people to understand what you need to eat to be healthy. to the left it shows how many servings each age group and gender need to be healthy. In the middle it gives us examples of what kinds of things are healthy and the servings. To the right it gives us tips so that we can be healthy eaters!

Credits and conclusion

Overall, people can always choose to be healthy whenever they want. You need to take the initiative and start eating healthy!

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