Dental Care At home By aaliyah lawson


  • Newborns usually have no visable
  • They usually have at least a set of partially developed of primary
  • The teething process may start with the two top teeth
  • You may be able to help the teething by rubbing there gums and apply pressure and a chew toy

Caring for baby's gums

  • Get a soft cloth,moistened washcloth or piece of gauze
  • Gentaly wipe down your baby's gums at least twice a day
  • Especially wipe your baby's gums before bed time
  • How to welcome a baby to dental care

What to use to brush your infants teeth

  • Use a soft brush
  • Use a small head
  • Use a large handle
  • Use a very small amount of toothpaste at first
  • Make sure to use a safe mouthwash that is alcohol free

How to help protect your baby from cavities

  • Only fill your baby bottle with-
  • Formula
  • Breast milk
  • Water
  • Avoid giving your child fruit juices and sodas that can settle on teeth because this can led to tooth decay

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