Mrs. Rose 7th Grade Extended Language Arts

Getting to Know Mrs. Rose

I am so excited to be the 7th grade Language Arts teacher at Porter! I grew up in Northern Virginia and graduated from Lake Braddock Secondary School in FCPS before moving onto George Mason. I completed my undergraduate degree in 2017 and then went back for my Masters in Education which I completed in 2020. Some of my hobbies include baking (and eating), volleyball, videography, and binge watching TV.

My husband, Brian, and our two dogs, Sly and Violet. They are the sweetest pups in the whole world and I am slightly obsessed with them. Brian's cool too I guess ;)

Course Overview

Students completing Grade 7 will learn the effects of verbal and nonverbal messages in communication and understand the elements of media literacy. They will extend vocabulary development through the study of figurative language, roots, affixes, and cognates. Students will develop independent and analytical thinking by reading a wide variety of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Through daily writing practice in narration, exposition, and persuasion students will demonstrate correct use of language, spelling, mechanics, and grammatical conventions. Students will gather, organize, and communicate information by completing a properly cited research project.

Class Materials

  • Composition Notebook
  • 5-Subject Notebook
  • Independent Reading Book
  • Pencil

Participation Activities

Each student must shoulder responsibility for their success in this class. At times students will be engaging in a variety of skills such as inferencing, grammar/mechanics, collaborative learning, and more. Some activities might include whole-class discussions, small group discussions, book clubs, bell ringers, etc. Many of these activities will be participation based and not graded, but it is the expectation of myself and Porter that ALL students participate actively in class.

Formative Assessments

Students will participate in a variety of assignments within the class period that will allow each student to refine the skills and understandings that are taught during daily lessons. This would be items such as thinking maps, digital creations, games, quickchecks etc. All of these assessments help to form the students knowledge of the subject. Most formative assessments that will go in the gradebook will be quickchecks. Formative assessments count for 20% of the students' total grade.

Summative Assessments

After forming their learning on the skills and topics covered in the Language Arts curriculum, students will be assessed to see how much of the content they mastered. This is usually in the form of a unit assessment project or a test, which will be multiple choice. Summative assessments count for 80% of the students' total grade.