Kicked out by: Beth goobie


  1. Dime: main character of the story
  2. Gabe: Dime's boyfriend
  3. Tiff: Dimes best friend
  4. Lena: Gabe's ex
  5. Darren: Dimes older brother in a wheel chair

In this story there is a teenage girl named Dime who is slightly rebellious. Her parents did not like how she acted a lot of the time. Her brother Darren, who was in a car crash invited her to stay with him. she invites Gabe and Tiff over Gabe was her boyfriend who was also rebellious. Dime gets bac to Darrens late that night and expects him to yell at her for being late, to her surprise he doesn't. Gabe takes her for a lesson on how to ride his kawasachi ninja motorcycle. she almost fails and crashes. Tiff tells dime that Gabe's ex wants to beat her up. Darren and Dime get in a fight for some reason. Gabe takes Dime for another driving lesson she fails again. Babe drives off with out her and does not return. Dimes brother tries to help her with her life. Gabe is on his bike with his ex Lena. Lena thinks that dime is still after Gabe. Dime breaks up with Gabe (over the phone) and she makes up with her parents. Dime is the person her parents wanted her to be though they still love her.


Created with images by GollyGforce - Living My Worst Nightmare - "Puckered Inspiration"

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