Deutschland: First Impressions Delilah gonzalez

Germany and even the municipality of Münster itself have a lot going on at all times. Having been here for all of two days its proven difficult to register everything and I definitely need some time adjusting to everything, including training my ear to the rapid-fire German.

However, with my bus adventures to meeting my host family I can say that I have experienced enough of Münster to come up with a short list of first impressions I have as a first timer and Europe and Germany.

1. They are way more eco-friendly than I would've imagined

I kind of assumed that most countries aside from the United States would be implementing more 'green' practices. Münster is no different, and they even have a system where you make an 'investment' on your water bottles so that you receive a small amount off your groceries when you recycle.

2. Their coffee is incredibly aesthetically pleasing regardless of where you get it ( and delicious too)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about two?

3. Public transportation is an absolute must.

Cars who? Everyone here walks, rides the bus or the favorite being riding a bike. Personally, I've been taking the bus as my home stay is super far away and i haven't ridden a bike since middle school.

4. Everyone is incredibly friendly and speaks English ( and Spanish )

Sometimes I forget that the United States is one of the only countries that doesn't teach students another language in school, whereas everywhere else they learn English. However, I was surprised to know that many people also speak Spanish. Which makes things particularly interesting for me as I can communicate better ( except in German but thats what I'm here to learn, right?)

5. Bring your own napkins

NONE of the restaurants have napkins, even the serve yourself style ones. You've been warned.

6. The weather fluctuates so much

I thought that Florida had inconsistent weather but spring time in Münster proves to be very similar. Its very chilly in the morning and by early noon you're sweating and carrying a bunch of clothing. Light layers are key.

7. The sun never sleeps.

The sun literally sets at 9:30pm and rises at approximately 5am give or take. I should know, I've been jet lagged and waking up quite early. It also never gets completely dark here which is really nice.

So those are my top 7 ( sieben) first impressions of Germany. And check out all the cute artsy photos below!

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