Leah Shorey-Okoronkwo PORTFOLIO

I see myself as a mature and ambitious individual whom is committed to developing my skills and experience within a work environment. My portfolio includes a range of mediums and styles that convey my creative journey.

Perspective Drawings City Of Westminster College

These sketches represent a visual journey around my college. Observing different aspects of the interior and exterior of the building. Interpreting my drawings using a mixture of pen and watercolour, allowed me to develop my ability to work faster yet still keep a high level of artistic skill.

Sketches Around London

Travelling around London, has not only greatened my fascination with the city, but deepened my artistic skill of using a range of styles to convey a setting. Experimenting with watercolour, pencil and pen, I have looked into different features of London.

St Paul's Cathedral
Busy London street
Two people at a bus stop.
A woman cooking at a crepe stand.
Kew Gardens

Observational Paddington Basin

Working with pen has quickened my ability to draw as well as develop my ability to feel comfortable with my drawing processes. Without an eraser, I am less likely to want to correct my mistakes yet I work with them turning them into something useful. Whether it be a scribble manipulated into a shaded area.

Advertising Promoting London

For a college project, we promoted London. Choosing to promote the city as a place to live, allowed me to explore my skills of graphic design and photography.

Inspired by the technique of photo collaging/montaging, I depicted iconic buildings numerous times from different angles.

Final Poster
Sunset painting

Using my skill of the software Photoshop, I created a digital sunset painting. Which I developed into a collage.

Trellick Tower

Following my advertising project, I visited different iconic buildings in London. One being the Trellick Tower. Within my sketchbook, I documented my visit by conducting a detailed line sketch and critical analysis.

The Trellick Tower - Analysis

Designed by Ernö Goldfinger, the Trellick Tower concatenates with the Brutalist and Modernist architectural style. A vivid addition to the London landscape in 1972, the tower includes the characteristics of the raw material, concrete. Consisting of 31 stories at 322 feet, the building stands articulated. This geometric style helps to create its distinct appearance.

“Exposed concrete structure defines the aesthetics of the exterior through a simple geometric language playing with the horizontality and verticality of the various elements.” – www.archdaily.com

Following the statement, it is clear to say that Goldfinger’s design, approaches the art movement, Brutalism and Modernism successfully. However, despite acquiring an idiosyncratic look. Buildings of the same style, for example the Balfron Tower were unfortunately losing popularity due to the immanently negative social problems that afflicted others around. This included; various crimes being committed and suicides. This resulted in the building being nicknamed as the, “Tower of Terror.”

Incorporated into the design are two sections of different but an interconnected function. Hence the articulated structure. The main section features the dwelling units, whilst a smaller and thinner pathway to the tower connects at every third floor to the main tower houses the stairs, lifts, and mechanical plant. This feature is what makes the Trellick Tower different to other high-rise buildings.

The idea behind modern architecture, is simplicity. As well as, the characteristic to visually express the structure on the outside, rather than hide the structural elements. This is evident in the structure of the Trellick Tower. It follows the concept of staying true to nature and the aspect of refraining to conceal. Similarily, Brutalist architecture is characterised by its use of rough unfinished surfaces, heavy-looking materials, the use of unusual shapes and the contrast of small windows in certain sections. It is considered as architecture in the raw, which emphasis' on the materials, construction and textures. These qualities help to create the expressive forms that this movement has to offer.

All in all, the Trellick Tower is a building with many positive attributes with a problematic history, which makes it's a memorable building for some within London. Despite many negative opinions on the appearance, I think the urban feel complements the neighbourhood it is situated in. The contrast from two-storey homes to the high-rise tower, in my opinion brings diversity to the area of North Kensington. As a building I have always been fond of due to its distinctive look, the Trellick Tower has made an impact on many lives throughout the years.

Infographics Climate Change

Everyday we are process information, whether or not it stays within our minds in my opinion, is up to the visual presentation.

This project required me to look at an alternate way to produce information that is easier to read, understand and be aesthetically pleasing, hence the name Infographics.

Digital painting of a melting globe

Based on climate change, I looked into the topics of species extinction and food production. Using my creative skill, I used my knowledge of digital softwares to create computerised artwork.

Digital polar bear painting using photoshop (Inspired by artist source: Paul Krapf)
Final poster


The ability to draw people, is a skill I am still developing. Throughout my journey, I have drawn from photographs, paintings and observational. Pencil is my favourite tool to use whilst drawing people, yet i have explored quick sketches using pen.

Drawing of a Syrian refugee boy (Inspired by artist source: Hannah Rose Thomas)
Edwardian Girl (poster advert) - For sections of this sketch, I used the technique of continuous line drawing.
Observational Drawing - I sketched the outline of the facial structure and expression first, as I knew my friend would not of been able to hold this pose for a long time. After sketching the basis of her face, I then began to add detail lines to represent her facial creases.

Artist Study Lucian Freud

Focusing on the study of the human form, Lucian Freud observed different human structures using charcoal and oil paint. Using pencil and pen, I sketched my own versions of his work.

Gallery Visit Lucian Freud

A visit to the Tate Britain enable me to view Freud's work myself. Collecting images and information on style and life, I created a quick sketch of his 'Girl With A Kitten' in my sketchbook. I later on developed this sketch, turning it into a piece combining pen and watercolour.

Life Drawing

A life drawing lesson, developed my knowledge on how to depict the human body. Using graphite, I produced various drawings that were set at various time limits. The longest being 20 minutes.

SketchUp Architectural Designs

In a project on Sustainable Architecture, I was able to research into techniques to creating a sustainable building. This included gaining knowledge on the use of photovoltaic glass and solar panel. Inspired by the female form, I collected various information to form my final ideas. Working with SketchUp, was a rewarding aspect of my project, as it injected life into my preconceived vision.

Annotations from my sketchbook.

Researching the idea of multipurpose buildings, My idea behind my building was to make it a learning resources centre, art gallery and restaurant.

Both annotations state my difficulties first time using the software. Despite effectively executing my design.


A life drawing lesson inspired my design concept for my building. Sketching the female form, allowed me to visually explore the curvaceous structure of a woman.

My independent research included visiting the Hunterian museum. Here I was able to look at various structure of the human body, whether it was a skeleton or a foetus. This research is what stemmed my knowledge into the human form, which helped me to create my final design concept.
The work of Henry Moore inspired my design as his sculptures represent the female figure. Manipulating the human form and combining it with ideas of biomorphism, fascinated me about his style of work. Above is my research I conducted within my sketchbook to support his ideas.

Antti Lovag Palais Bulles

The Bubble Palace designed for fashion designer Pierre Cardin, is one of my favourite buildings. The structure is innovative and unforgettable. The structure and concept behind the design is what sparked my development of my own design inspired by the human form. Similarly, Lovag interprets the human form throughout the use of the 'bubbles'. Using the use of a circle to view the way of life.

[Photograph Source - Google]

Gallery Visit Design Museum

On an independent visit to the Design Museum, I focused on the structure of the building as well as Clementine Blackmore's 'A Tent in the Park'. Both structures convey a panelled roof appearance. Intrigued by her work, I was inspired to create my own version of her design on a tree slice using various materials including wood.

Clementine Blackmore - 'A Tent in the Park' experimentation model
Another two 'A Tent in the Park' model which feature the material wood and string.
Actual 'A Tent in the Park'

Architectural Maquette Shelter in Park

Using green material and gravel to create the setting of a park, I placed my shelter in the centre, which similar to Clementine Blackmore's 'A Tent in the Park', included a diagonal triangle structure. However, to create the roof of the shelter I used the material 'scrim'. My reasoning for placing my design on a tree slice was to follow the essence of nature as it is in a park.

Textile Art

This style of work enabled me to experiment with a variety of mediums and techniques that i have developed using stitch embroidery. My exploration consists of the use of paint on fabric, marbling and the use of recycled materials. Exploring this style of work, has allowed me to use my creatively ability in different forms.

Fabric painting of Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'.
Mixed media of materials and paint which depict a sunset.
Stitch Embroidery of Gillian Bates 'Helter Skelter'.
Marbling technique enforced with stitch embroidery which was inspired by Hokusai's 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa'.

Photography London

Photographing London, has enabled me to gain an insight into the differential contextual characteristics of the city. Throughout my visual journey i have photographed the structure of buildings, the essence of nature as well as daily life. This is a hobby that I would like to develop into something greater.

Created By
Leah Shorey-Okoronkwo


Photographs taken by me - unless stated.

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