Mentoring for Portrait Photographers Kick your business into high gear

I get asked a lot from other photographers about how I run my business, how I get clients, how I structure my marketing, how I pose women and make them feel more comfortable in front of my camera. I have been photographing mainly women since 2011. I have been in my studio in Hamilton Ontario since 2014. I specialize in boudoir and beauty for the everyday women.

Being a good technical photographer will help you take a great photo, but if you want to have a thriving photography business that specializes in photographing women, you need to know how to pose a regular, non-model. Your job is to make women feel great about themselves, to instil confidence, and to produce beautiful portraits that your clients will want to buy. Give them an amazing experience and the best images they have ever seen of themselves. If you can do that, you will have a successful business that you enjoy, and that you make money doing! Even if you don't shoot women, but you still want to learn to be more comfortable marketing yourself, or learning in person sales, etc. I love talking shop with other photographers, and I'm happy to announce that I am now offering mentoring. Get in touch with me to see if we are a good fit.

Are you a new photographer just starting out and have no idea where to start? Are you an established photographer looking to kick your business into high gear? Are you ready to switch genres and have no images to show?Are you ready to invest in yourself and your business?

  • Direct women into the most flattering poses
  • wardrobe and styling ideas
  • find your ideal client
  • planning and prepping for your session
  • the go-to sellable poses for every body type and age
  • make people feel comfortable in front of your camera
  • be comfortable with in-person sales (and why you MUST switch to in-person sales RIGHT NOW!)
  • market yourself
  • how to find suppliers in your area
  • how to manage your time and set your hours
  • social media branding and posting
  • lighting. Natural light, strobe and using both (it's MUCH simpler than you think!)
  • editing and finding your style
  • working with what you have and not spending a ton on equipment
  • diy studio props (making tulle skirts, hacking dresses, flower pieces, draping material, hairpieces, etc)
  • how to prepare your client for the shoot
  • how to be confident with your pricing and how to set it up
  • How to build your portfolio if you are just starting out
  • when is the right time to move into a studio
  • setting up a studio on a budget
  • replying to inquiries
  • marketing materials and how to market yourself
  • photoshop and editing
  • workflow and backup
  • how to have a successful expo or trade show
  • equipment
  • ...and more

One on One


A 2 hour session at my studio in Hamilton or via skype. You prepare the questions you want me to help you with. Additional sessions or hours can be added.



Group Workshops + Portfolio Build


Workshops are held at my studio in Hamilton Ontario, or I can come to your studio, or I can arrange a local Airbnb (travel and accommodation will be added on). Min 5 photographers, max 10 people. $1290 per person. Workshops run for 6-7 hours, with refreshments and a light lunch provided. I will discuss how I run my business and what has worked for me, as well as specific topics you and your group want to cover. There will be a stylized shoot with a fully made up model and 2 different sets, where I will guide you with posing and shooting. You will walk away with beautiful images for your portfolio. You decide with your group if you want boudoir images or beauty/glamour images or a combination.


$795 Add a photoshoot with me

Add a photo shoot with me for yourself. It can be branding, boudoir or beauty (or a combination) for an additional $795, which includes hair and make up plus 2 fully edited digital portraits (value $1295)

Created By
Tanya Smith