People should realize that more and more people are getting concussions in soccer and I want an end to it. Here are some reasons soccer players need head protection while playing soccer.

One reason that soccer players need head protection is that players run into each other. Many people think that bubble soccer is safer than regular soccer but really they are almost just as dangerous. If you get hit too hard in bubble soccer you have a chance at getting a mild concussion. Also two players could be trying to get a header but they hit heads really hard. Just that tiny action could send people to the E.R. One time I hit heads with a kid before when I tried to head the ball away from the goal. I didn't get a concussion but I had to sit out for a little and hold ice on my head.

Another reason soccer players need head protection is players get kicked in the head. For example when I was playing soccer I dove on the ball but a kid started kicking me in the head. The referee wouldn’t blow the whistle so I was stuck on the ground getting kicked. Also recent studies show that most concussions are not from heading the ball, they are from getting kicked or getting a knee to the head. This happens many times in soccer with goalies. If a goalie is trying to grab a ball and the player from the opposing team is about to kick it the goalie could be kicked in the head and get a nasty bump. In addition a man named Abdulrahman Al-Shoaibi was kicked in the head and had a seizure on the field.

The most important reason that soccer players need head protection is that there are too many concussions. Soccer is the third most concussion causing sport followed by wrestling and field hockey. Also about every year 250,000 people go to the emergency room for a concussion. Once people get a concussion they could be out for a few games, a few months, an entire season or worst of all, out for life! Most times people have to quit from soccer from brain damage. One girl named Rebeca Ruiz had to quit soccer from a concussion. She was running a drill and a girl fell on her accidentally and she got a really bad concussion and had to quit soccer forever. (The story is on aeon.com soccer broke my brain).

This all shows that as years and years go on people who play soccer might have to deal with the pain of having a concussion. They might have to quit like Rebeca Ruiz or might be one of the 250,000 people who have to go to the emergency room for a concussion.

I hope this made you aware of the need of head protection for soccer players.

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