#Goals By: David Hicks

1 Year Term Goals
  • I want to become stronger because I want more muscle.
  • I want to visit where D-Day took place because I would like to see where the battle took place.
  • I want to get out of my comfort zone an explore, it helps confidence and creates awesome stories.
  • I want to go on a day trip with some friends preferably to an abandoned building or structure and build a stronger bond with my friends.
3 Year Goals
  • I want to travel to Japan because I really like sushi and Japan is where it originated from.
  • I want to become more of a leader and guide people to success and learn along the way rather then be a follower.
  • I would like to graduate high school with great grades because I want to be very successful and I want the grades that can get me into ASU.
  • Go to one of my artist concert to see and listen to their music live.
5 Year Goals
  • Visit a concentration camp and get a remember how lucky and blessed I am.
  • Visit the Statue of Liberty because its a huge icon for the US.
  • Do something that impacted someone and made them a better person, because they might be the person that changes the world.
  • Get an internship to a huge business corporation, so I'll have a job right out of school.
10 Year Goals
  • Graduate from college I don't want to spend more money on school and I want to be done with school.
  • I would like to get a job so I can get some income and live somewhere nice.
  • I would like to get married because I don't want to live alone and I want a companion.
  • I would also like a Rottweiler because I think they're really cute but also strong dominant protective animals.
Created By
David Hicks


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