Think Like a Freak Hallie, Jessie, Megan, and Sydney

They mentioned the soccer kick as a way to explain how to "think outside the box"
They presented a way to persuade someone by persuading the readers to buy a self-driving car.
He thought outside of the box to become a hot dog eating champion
Throughout the book they made many references to religion and the bible.
Think simpler like a child
They used m&m's as a way to reward a child for using the restroom
Chapter 9 talked about how quitting isn't always a bad thing.
NASA sent off a spaceship that crashed because of a reason that was predicted by scientists beforehand. They didn't quit when it was necessary.
The author used the flip of a coin to help people make decisions on whether to quit.
The authors say quitting is at the CORE of thinking like a Freak.
Winston Churchill, no matter how much he talked about not quitting, he quit, too.


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