BOOMSDAY RELEASE DECKS 7 Decks to enjoy upon release day

Here Comes the Boom!

The newest Hearthstone expansion is among us in just a few days! I know everyone is excited to try new exciting deck builds and archetypes. Instead of making a deck for every class, I’ve focused on just a few of them. Included here are: 5 new standard deck archetypes, 1 wild archetype, and 1 relatively optimal aggro deck to ladder quickly and punish the early days of the meta. Let’s start with that deck first!


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

When expansions get released, people try new things. By that nature, often things aren’t optimal. So if laddering is important to you, playing aggressive, consistent and optimal game plans can help you capitalize on an undeveloped meta game. Miracle rogue typically does well in this setting and odd rogue seems like a great choice for day 1. What I have here is a typical odd rogue build, with king mukla and tanglefur as my choice of tertiary 3 drops. The only added new card is Myra’s Unstable Element. This card draws out your entire deck, so hopefully by the time you’ve drawn it, you are low on cards in hand and just looking for that reach and refuel.


Value Town?

Here is a relatively common Rogue shell but instead of the better tempo damage cards like leeroy and cold blood, I’ve decided to try to play more value cards like augmented elekk and Tess Greymane. Elekk is a solid turn 3 option that curves into strider or even academic espionage. As espionage provides no tempo, its an extremely slow card and I think 1 is enough. Because it also gives u cards that aren’t spells, I feel the prep/sprint package works better than auctioneer. Of course we got Tess, and a shadowstep, which has many great targets.

Is it the ideal rogue archetype? Probably not. But as far as a starting point for a playable deck running espionage or Tess? I think its a great foundation.


If you like mechs, this might be fun for you.

Now we are starting to get into the newer archetypes. I built this deck because I’m really interested in prismatic lens. The lens draws you a creature and a spell and swap costs. So if we only play big spells, and primarily cheaper creatures, we can get tempo turns at the cost of tempo now. That’s the primary focus behind this deck and we’ve hidden it behind this mech army.


You start the game with keleseth or 1 drops. Curve that into some defensive 3 drops and then a very sticky mid game. Annoy-o-module and coppertail are very solid 4 drops that you can buff with war gears.


Mechano egg is a little slow, but unlike skelemancer, you can dictate its value much better. It becomes nice with spiked steel and other buffs. We decided to run Keleseth and the mechano egg after seeing VS founder Zacko provide stats showing that keleseth effect is simply that good.


Countess Ashmore is there to tutor for Valanyr and Zilliax. Valanyr is a GREAT card for this deck, as the buffs stick on the mechs when they are revived with Kangor’s. (This synergy is unnecessary and maybe too cute, but appeals to the Timmy in me.)


The spell package is simply two prismatic lens, 2 steed, 2 dinosize and 1 kangor’s army. So on curve prismatic will often lead to early buffs so that you can go tall or even ressurect some big mechs.


Hey, Timmy! Look what I made!

I think one of the most fun ideas of the new expansion is how can we make Mecha’thun work? There are many ideas going around but I think that 2x Galvanizer into Mecha’thun +bloodbloom+cataclysm is just very consistent. Could druid archetypes be better at accomplishing this? Maybe. But idc! Let’s also keep the deck with even cards cuz we can and will need to life tap often. And let’s also throw Hemet in there to get through the deck quicker!

You start this deck off as just typical even warlock. Mulligan for giants and hemet vs control, and removal vs the other decks. Vs aggro, the combo isn’t necessary — you just gotta live. Vs slower decks if giant’s can’t get you there, you need to find your combo quickly.


Hemet is the best way to thin your deck. Playing Hemet can get you 15 cards gone in the list. I actually feel we could do even better by playing MORE 2 drops. I’m open to seeing what we can drop so that Hemet is more impactful. Maybe sit the mountain giants and the siphon soul for loot hoarders and bloodmage? Or for some 2 mana heal type cards or taunt? Nevertheless, still decent sized amount that hemet will remove, and that’s absolutely necessary.


Glinda is there because of the echo ability for galvanizer. Glinda inherently acts as copy number 3 of galvanizer as you only need to play galvanizer twice to go off so this adds more consistency. Especially since Hemet destroys galvanizer in your deck.


This deck is... the bomb?

There are many different deck ideas out there for hunter but I decided to concentrate on a mech heavy list. My plan is to stick an early mech like mechano or a bomb, then magnetize them with fireworks tech, venomizer or even spider bomb. Spider bomb reminds me very much of a MTG card call nekrataal, albeit being a deathrattle and way more RNG. Nevertheless, tempo removal is always a nice tool. The ability to combat the board with small bomb mechs that also will chip away at our opponent’s life total seems pretty nice!

We have nechromechanics in there to get even more mileage out of our deathrattles and a single stitched tracker to tutor for particular cards in our toolbox.


This card might not be great, however, with cards like void ripper and goblin prank in the deck, we are hoping to find the necessary reach to close out matches in this fashion.

Of all the decks I’m going to show, this is on paper the weakest but also has tremendous upside if we can find good development. What are you guys doing with hunter?


These next two decks are pretty unique ideas. I do not know how well they will do, but they seem incredibly fun on paper. The Wild deck I’ve played many games with in wild, but, it has some difficult matchups. The priest deck, well, we are going to find out!


LoL what?!

On the competitiveHS subreddit, players were discussing using test subject and topsy turvy to do some crazy, broken priest stuff. I like broken stuff. like priest stuff. So let’s do it!

Basically, you want to have 9 mana and 7 cards in your hand. The cards are:

  • 2x Radiant (or a vivid nightmare)
  • 1x vivid nightmare
  • 1x test subject
  • 1x stonetusk boar
  • 1x divine favor
  • 1x topsy turvy

The idea is that you play out all the creatures, and keep cycling your buffs on the test subject so that you create multiple copies of divine favor, then you buff the bear and create more buffed bears with vivid nightmare copies and swing for 64-128 damage. If this is hard to understand, russellgoke made a very clear table.

The great thing about this combo is that it doesn’t matter what the board state is. If its full of taunts, you throw the boards into the taunts to clear them and then OTK face on same turn. If the board is clear, you just create four 16-attack boars and call it a day! The bad thing about this combo is that it relies on 7 cards and 9 mana. And that’s why I’ve gone with this quest build!


Because we need to draw 7 specific cards, getting through the deck as quick as possible is important. We can’t spend too many resources on board wipes and there just aren’t that many available slots in the deck. By playing the quest and deathrattle draw minions, we can relatively easily get ourselves a completed quest by turn 6, and buy us a couple of more turns to draw out the combo completely. Bloodmage, loot hoarder, dead ringer and twilight’s call are all good at that. You are even able to spend 1 test subject or a copy of topsy turvy early in order to draw a few more cards with power word shield shenanigans. We’ve added shadow visions as a way to tutor for missing combo pieces or toolbox type answers. 1 sandbinder in deck to find a radiant elemental should you be missing it.

The difficult thing here is that you can’t run too many deathrattles as you want dead ringer to get you a test subject if it can. However, since we are playing the quest, if it gets you another deathrattle its at least getting another card draw engine which helps complete the combo faster.


Trust me! It’s decent!

Before you write this deck off, see this clip.

Wild is a crazy format. And RENOWAGGLE has been the most fun I’ve had in the format since its inception. This particular build mops up control and combo decks. However, it’s most difficult matchups are odd paladin and even shaman. If your ladder climb is full of the aggro lists, then you can play an alternate version with oaken summons and poison seeds and other stuff, but we are talking about THIS version cuz look at the cards in it!


It’s a togwaggle deck so you just need to get to a turn where you play togwaggle into azalina so that you have the ransom as well. Typically, you use aviana + Kun or aviana + innervate to accomplish this. However, this version adds flobbidinous floop, twig and blingtron to give the deck more consistency and ways to reach the combo.


Hemet is incredible in this deck. Cards that cost less than 4 are mana ramp, removal and card draw/armor. Anything above that is powerful card draw or combo pieces. Hemet is also necessary to make sure you can activate Reno Jackson. It’s the reason why this deck succeeds versus slow decks very often.


While floop allows you discounts to get your combo off sooner, psychmelon gets you literally all the combo pieces. You draw a 7,8,9 and 10 mana minion. So you draw Azalina, Togwaggle, Aviana and Kun. LOL. Who thought of this card at Blizzard? Seems insane not to play, but two seems too much.


Here is a new card that I’ve added to the archetype. Dorian puts 1/1 copies of cards you draw into the game. So if you don’t have Aviana in your hand, Dorian+psychmelon with 10 mana means you can go off. Incredible combo starter.


If you’ve reached this point, I just wanted to say thank you for checking out the explanation of these decks. I’m sure they aren’t great or optimized, but I think that they will be very fun to test or build upon. I hope you guys liked them! If you like my content please think about giving me a follow or listening to my Hearthstone podcast.

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