Allen Ginsberg Jissel campa (Block 7)

Allen Ginsberg was born was born on June 3, 1926 in Newark, New Jersey. As a young boy, he was raised around a lot of political perspective people. One of them was his mother Naomi. Naomi was a member of the Communist Party and also a nudist. She also suffered from epileptic seizures and paranoia. Barry Miles, a biographer, said "Naomi's illness gave Allen an enormous empathy and tolerance for madness, neurosis, and psychosis." When he was a junior in high school, his mother insisted that he take her to see a therapist. For the next fifteen years of her life, she spent her life in mental hospitals undergoing electroshock therapy and had a lobotomy. Naomi Levy Ginsberg then died at the Pilgrim State Hospital in 1956. Later, Allen will being to write poetry based on experiences with his mother. In high school, he enjoyed Walt Whitman. Towards the end of high school he grew more fond of Edgar Allen Poe. Ginsberg went to college at Columbia University. He decided to become a poet after he had a vision of William Blake reading his famous poem called "Ah Sunflower". Allen then stared experimenting with different drugs to try and get those feelings back again. He stared to write poems based on these experiences and one famous poem he wrote was called Howl.

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Allen Ginsberg.


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