The experience, good or bad? by jilleanne

The first experience was over the phone with a computer company. My computer had crashed. I'd simply needed them to help put it back to factory rest. The first time I had called the man was from India i believe so he was very hard to understand. I'd asked him a few times to please repeat himself. He seemed like he didn't like having to repeat what he'd said. So after a while of him rudely repeating himself I had stopped asking. It seemed like this man was having a bad day. After about 2 hours the man wanted to charge a radicals charge even though he didn't do anything but ask questions.

This experience was a good one. It was a local restaurant in priest Lake where. Me and my family hadn't been to this restaurant before so it was a new place for us. We'd walked in and sat down, greeted nicely by one of the waiters. He'd done the usual brought water to the table and gave us our menus. Every now and then he would pop by the table to see if we were read to order and when we were he had taken our orders and chatted with my grandparents. After we got our food he'd come back again every now and then to ask if we had needed anything and if they food was good (which it was). After it was all said and done we'd given him a generous tip and still go back till this day.

This last experience was at Walmart. A women working behind the counter was moving a little slow. People in line started getting a little pushy. The women also getting pushy and rude. As I'd approached with my groceries she didn't say hello or anything, mostly gave me mean looks. I'd first had brushed it off as nothing maybe she was just having a bad day. But then she'd started meanly throwing my groceries in bags. She'd broken my eggs and squished my bread. I'd politely asked the women if she could be a little more gentle with my groceries since I was a paying customer. As she had continued to bag my groceries I'd gone to get new eggs and bread. as i approached the counter she rolled her eyes put my groceries and bags. I still refuse to go back to that Walmart in Spokane.

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