T3P4 Battleship Project By: jose l. rodriguez riestra

The point of this project was to create a PVC Air Compressed Cannon to be capable of shooting in any direction, by rotating aiming up and down and control the power of the compressed air to change the power.

My team decided to approach of doing this project by creating anything to infinitely change the direction instead of just changing it to just 2 specific angle.

Before we did anything we needed to create a launching sequence to get the cannon to shoot. The way ever yone needed to do that was through Arduino. To learn Arduino we did it through circuit projects to

Examples of circuits we went over to create the Launch sequence

Once we finish that, we started to create our project. We started by gathering our material for our project. Right after we did that we started to cut out our stuff on the Miter Saw.

Me using the miter saw to cut the pvc pipe into the dimensions we need.

After that we started to put our cannon together and decided to name it Project ThunderCat. While creating the tank we ran into one problem, our team put the cap on before we drilled the hole and put the bike valve through and it will allows us to put air pressure it to shoot the tennis ball. That cost us time and had to re-do the tank completely over.

The cap on before we drilled the hole

Once we made the tank we had to make the barrel where the cannon shoots the tennis ball. Right after we made the barrel we put the valve that lets air pass through to the barrel.

The process of making the barrel from left to right.
Barrel Elevation Mech

Once we had the cannon set up we had to prototype a barrel support through Onshape and then cut it out in the laser. Shortly realized that it was able to twist and a lot, something we did not think about so we re-created the entire barrel support system.

Barrel Elevation Mech.v2

Once after we finished with the barrel support we started working on the rotation mechanism. We brain storm ideas and made it on Onshape for the barrel support for two periods or more.

All of our ideas during the project for rotation and elevation

We decided to mix the elevation system along with the barrel supports for extra support to get everything to work better or properly. In order to get the elevation system and the rotating mechanism to work together we needed to redesign the barrel supports for the third time.

Barrel Elevation Mech.v3

We failed on being able to cut out all the parts because of the size they have. It took us 4 periods just to be able to cut out 3 out of 5 parts of v.3. It took alot of time and effort trying to cut out of the lazer. The due date was coming up and the best thing my team could do is cut out of the Shop Bot after school.

Before we cut out Barrel Elevation Mech.v4 on the shop bot we had to cut out the rotating mechanism first, that was done during class.

We drilled holes to keep the panel in place while cutting, then once it was cut we pulled the pieces out and started to sand them down to get the nice and smooth. Once everything was done we decided to glue the parts together instead of our original plan to nail them together.

Once we where done the Rotation Mechanism, me and one of my teammate stayed after-school and ran into a problem when we could not access the files and had to recreate the project though Onshape. That was a major setback but we were able to cut out. Once we had the files ready we made minor changes and cut it out on the shopbot.

The Shotbot cutting out the Lifting Mechanism along with the barrel supports

Once the parts where cut out they where sanded and put together to have the final product but while putting them together the tank broke once again and had to recreate it. Was a setback but it got done. (pictures were not taken during this time)

Once that was done our project was fixed and it was functional only thing we did not know if it would be capable of shooting or not. But we ran into one problem and we could not move up much because our cannon would hit the floor rotating upwards. We fixed that problem by making legs and attaching them to the rotating mechanism.

The problem we ran into that did not allow us to elevate the cannon at a higher angle.
Added legs to the rotation mechanism.

That is my project build from day one. One we finished our project we made a peer review to help us get better in the future.

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