Week 32 @ Lisbon INC Time is slipping away. (Well, the semester is.)

Featured INCer

Junior Clay McCoy
The hands on projects and real life experiences I have done in Lisbon INC have boosted my communication skills and confidence level when talking with business professionals.

Featured Project

Rehabilitation Center of Lisbon Commercial

If you haven't seen our Facebook posts, the video production team of Lisbon INC was invited to help direct a commercial for the Rehabilitation Center of Lisbon (RCL). The students recruited volunteers and assisted CBS2's Serena Collins in planning and filming. Clay McCoy commented after the filming took place, "Working with the business people is so beneficial. Getting hands on experience with film equipment, for example, is exactly what we were hoping to get to do when we signed up for Lisbon INC. Being in charge of the directing aspect isn't something you can learn in a classroom."

Sophomore Max Abodeely added, "It was cool to be on a real set and see how the commercial was made. I was impressed with seeing that the equipment to make the commercial was very similar to what we have to work with at school. I was expecting bigger cameras and more equipment." Check out the video and photos of the INCers on the set.

Filming day!

The commercial is awaiting approval and should be aired soon. Watch for our FB page and tweets. Thank you to Krystal Klostermann and Andrea Robertson of RCL/ABCM Corporation, Serena Collins of CBS2, actresses Barbara Dolan, Kathy Jamison, and Beryl O'Connor, and actors Roger Dolan, Benny Jamison, and Allan Mallie for this great learning experience.

Project Updates

Landscaping LCS

Juniors Dan Dillinger and Gavin Squires are teaming up with Mrs. Taylor to spruce up the landscaping of LCS. Dan explained, "Our goal is to see the school looking nice for graduation." The INCers are in the process of picking up, pulling weeds, trimming bushes, mulching, and planting bushes. They will also be splitting up day lilies and selling them to raise money to help Lisbon INC pay back the drone.

Battle of the Bookworms

The final week of the reading competition has the 5th grade up against the 3rd grade. Project managers Emilee Hamann and Evan Clausen will be arranging a movie afternoon for the champion bookworms at the end of the school year. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to see who takes home the honors!

Jeannette Smock

"The 5th graders are very excited about the Battle of the Bookworms. Not only are they challenging one another to read the most for our class, they are also encouraging each other try to read more each week. I think this was a fun way to encourage extra reading by everyone!" ~Jeanette Smock

Featured in the Sun!

Lisbon INC was featured in the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Sun. Check it out!

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