Titan Down By: Jon Murray

Prologue: Divers dive to see the titanic wreckage. They find a skeleton with a blue journal wrapped in a water tight casing. They bring it to some scientists who start to read it...

April 14, 1912: It started out as a once in a life time experience. Now it may be my last. My name is Jack, or properly Jackson. I came on the Titanic 3rd class. It was supposed to be the unsinkable ship, yet it is sinking. When the Titanic was first conked on its side and water started coming in, they locked most of the third class hallway doors to stop the water along with my hallway. People were outraged in my hallway. Some one said "Lets brake the door down!" I was too shocked to do anything. I could see the water slowly creeping up the hallway. It was just another nail in the coffin.

The water just keeps coming like a monster creeping up the hallway. When I first saw the Titanic, it was blindingly good.It really did look like it was a corker and a lot of people were miffed when anyone mentioned otherwise.I got into an argy-bargy with some of those idiots. They were like "It won't sink, its too big to sink!" Well look now idiots, the Titanic is sinking! It looks like it was just a damp squid.

Later: The water just keeps coming. I wonder how many people will die. I know I will be one of them. I am writing this in one of my empty journals that I never wrote in. I just hope some one will remember me because the water is now rising faster than ever. I hear people faintly yelling "Too... water... sinking...." in the other rooms. I know I will be dead soon. And to think a fortnight ago I was safe on English ground eating my tea and cookies.

Its funny that I'm dying on the titanic. I've never been very spawny. I've been skint at times and barely survived. But I've survived. Now I'm going to die. My life has just been a lot of hard cheese, but at least I can go out in style.

I'm done writing for now. I'm going out to help others open the door.

It's no use. When I got out my neighbor said "It's not going to open. Our efforts have all been a bunch of tosh. We're still going to die in this horrid place." A lot of people knew he was right but wouldn't admit it. I spoke up "If we're all going to die why not try this so we at least have a chance of not dying." Everyone agreed with me so we tried again even if it was futile. After a few hours of hard work with no avail, I said, "It's hopeless, we're going to die." Some people were gutted at the reality of it. Others already knew that they were going to die and accepted the fact. A few called me a numpty and went back to work. I knew it was hopeless, so I came back to write in this journal some more. I just hope some one finds it.

The flooding has started in earnest. I just hope I won't be remembered as just some old Joe Blogs that died on the Titanic.

I think I'm loosing my marbles. I keep going around ranting and raving about my impending doom. I got to my senses when I saw two people in the middle of a kerfuffle in the hallway about whether or not try to keep opening the door. One guy was pasting another guy over and over so hard I felt sorry for him. I am going to cover this journal in plastic to keep it from water damage. Goodbye, and farewell.

British words and sayings used:

Conked: Hit;

Just another nail in the coffin: Something that causes even more failure to something already failing;

Blinding: Amazing;

Corker: Someone or something that/who is outstanding;


Argy-Bargy: A fight

Damp Squid: A failure

Fortnight: Two Weeks

Cookies: Biscuits

Spawny: Lucky

Skint: Bankrupt

Hard Cheese: Unlucky

Tosh: Nonsense

Horrid: Horrible

Gutted: In a state of despair; Sad

Numpty: Fool

Joe Blogs: A typical, average, or unremarkable man.

Marbles: Sanity; Intelligence; Good sense

Kerfuffle: A fight

Pasting: Punching


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