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As a good citizen you have to be responsible for the things you own, vote on laws and presidents and pay taxes. It's your responsibility do the things you have to do as a good citizen.

What is the difference between limited government and unlimited government? These are the examples of unlimited government and limited government. Peru was a form of unlimited government. The president at that time, Alberto Fujimori was a dictator. Which means that he had total control over the county. He doesn’t give people the right of minority and the county doesn’t have rule of law. But England, on the other hand, is a form of limited Government. Which means that the current Queen, Queen Elizabeth the second, hhyyhas the parlement to help her, or if she pass down an unnecessary law, or did something wrong. The Parliament can cancel the law or sack her. England also has representative Democracy. Limited Government is the completely opposite of unlimited government.

one thing that united the EU is they are all in the same common market. And as And I would rather let the EU unite instead of division. because if they are united they'll have a Europe common market. They'll get more stuff from the other EU countries and for less money. And they'll be together as a whole to complete the other countries in the world trading block. They'll be strong as a whole one of the country can't even complete in the world. They'll be better and stronger together

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There are many ways for those people to adapt to the desert region.They have to adapt to live for a long time without water and food, because they have a long drought and not a lot of animals to cook. They also wear this long, loose clothing to protect them from the sun, because the desert region is on the equator so they’ll have very strong sunlight. There’s a lot of outer-violet light and they’ll get sun burns so they need light clothing but cover up the whole body.

Oil, also known by: “Black Gold” helps the people in Southwest Asia have a better live.Oil helps the country gets a higher GDP. Oil is a nonrenewable resource. And there are not a lot of oil reserves left in the world. Southwest Asia has more than one half of the world’s oil. So every country, like the united state want to buy or trade oil from southwest. So the region gets more rich. If the region gets rich the country’s GDP goes up. The United Arab Emirates and Kuwait both have high GDP from selling oil. The government could use the money to build more road and building for people to live in. The southwest region may fight over the oil reserves country. Oil makes country more rich that’s why all the other country around it may also want it. If they get into a war they need more oil to win the war so it’s not good for all the country in the world. Because they all need oil to run their country.


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