2017-18 Coyote Chronicles #6 April

Our Core Values

Throughout this year, as a school community, we have taken time to consider what our Core Values are. We have spent time gathering thoughts and data from staff, parents and even the students that the school serves. Many of you (parents) completed a survey at home or at a parent-teacher interview event. Students were brought together in groups during an assembly to consider what they valued most from their school. Staff spent several hours developing our starting list during a start of school staff meeting. Lastly, a group of staff came together and looked at all the data that was gathered from these three groups and determined that the values below represent a consensus from all 3. We are very proud to have reached this point and we look forward to moving forward with how these are implemented and reflected in the day to day workings of our school. Thank you so much to everyone who provided their thoughts and input.

Also, stay tuned for more information and updates as we move towards the close of this year and especially into next year. We have big plans :).

The Core 5 Values of Central Campus

Recently a group of students met with administration and several staff regarding a concern about our Code of Conduct Dress Code. The concern did not stem from the fact that we have one, or even the contents within. Instead, it stemmed from a perceived inconsistency in it's application to students in our school. Upon reflection as a staff, we realized that this was definitely the case. Some students might be asked to change due to inappropriate attire, while others wearing similar things, would not be. There is no blame to be placed, just a realization that it was the current reality.

After realizing our inconsistency we met as a staff to ensure that we are on the same page moving forward and that we are more consistent in addressing Dress Code with ALL students equally.

Today (Friday, May 4), students will have a Homeroom where their teacher(s) will go through the Code of Conduct and clearly outline the expectations in it. We have an amazing group of students and through this Homeroom we hope that students will have the opportunity to understand and meet those expectations. We fully expect that they will.

For you, our parents. We want you to understand that we will do our best to be consistent and to be respectful of each student. Below is how we will address students who's attire does not meet our expectations:

  1. Students will be spoken to privately (unless they chose to have a friend(s) with them).
  2. Students will be given 4 choices to address the situation: a) using clothes they have, change into something appropriate, b) put something over the inappropriate attire, c) put on a shirt we will provide (likely a Coyotes shirt), or d) go home and change.
  3. If a student refuses to change into appropriate attire, parents will be contacted and the student will be sent home for the remainder of the day. This choice being made by the student will be deemed non-compliance under our Code of Conduct.

Along with understanding our Dress Code and our process, we appreciate support from you in ensuring that your student is dressed appropriately for school. Our goal is to have a safe, inclusive and professional learning environment where student learning is the focus. Part of this learning is a preparation for the workforce. Attire that is worn outside of school (work) may not be appropriate for school (work). Thank you in advance.

If you have any questions regarding our Code of Conduct, Dress Code or expectations please contact the school. The Code of Conduct can be found by clicking on the button below. The Dress Code can be found on page 10.

Upcoming Dates
  • PAC meeting – Monday, May 7th, 6:00pm @ Central Campus
  • X5 COURSES end (Seminar 9 & Exposure 8) – Wednesday, May 16th
  • X6 COURSES start – Thursday, May 17th
  • Victoria Day STAT – Monday, May 21st - NO SCHOOL
  • Grade 7s School Visit @ Central – Wednesday, May 23rd (9:00 – 12:00)
Upcoming Presentations


We have an Assembly on Friday, May 4th, 1:30 – 2:50pm. The keynote speaker is Amanda Oling, from Beaverlodge, and her presentation is called ‘The Impact of One Decision’. Please encourage your son/daughter to stay for this all-important presentation about drinking, drugs & driving. Parents are welcome to attend. Her website is www.AmandaOling.com



All our Grade 8s and 9s will be attending a 1-hour session with Northern Health’s Drug & Alcohol Counsellor, Jen LeRoux. The session will be a focus on substance awareness (various drugs & Fentanyl). We’ve also asked Jen to address Vaping. Jen is hoping to have a Paramedic to speak/share. Students will be attending during their Health & PE classes in the CRC on either May 9th or May 17th. Parents are welcome to attend.

Trimester 3 Progress

It’s almost the mid-way point in Trimester 3. Our academic teachers will be informing you of your son/daughter’s progress very soon between May 1st to 15th. For teachers who are using FreshGrade, please check your child's portfolio for updates.

2018-19 Planning & Information
Trustee Elections

AbEd Update

As a Coach Mentor, my job mainly deals with getting to know our aboriginal students and helping them to set goals for their academic life. Right now, our conversations with our grade 8’s are around a reflection of how they feel the year has gone for them. Also, a conversation about what is working for them at school and what is not working for them. Are they keeping up with their work? Are they asking their teachers for help? With our grade 9’s, the conversation is focused on transitioning to Grade 10 at South Peace. We have helped them with their course selections and have had conversations about what life looks like at South Peace, the expectations and the timetable. Grade 10 can be a difficult transition, so we are trying hard to prepare our students as much as possible.

The other part of my Coach Mentor job is having profile meetings with our academic teachers. These meetings give myself and the teacher a chance to sit down and closely examine their class. We look at the learning needs, the emotional needs and the behavior needs of the class, talking in depth about each learner and finding ways to support each student in the class. As well, we identify all of the strengths in their class, allowing the teacher to build on their successes. We always follow the Relationships Based Learning model of encouraging the building of relationships to support academic success for every learner.

~ Kirsten Davies (Coach Mentor)

Regional Science Fair

Congratulation to all the students went to the Provincial Science Fair yesterday in Fort St.John. Congrats to Brianna Shueman who won People’s Choice Award; Brayden Kreuzinger and Emma Duncan received bronze. A special congratulation to Ridley Chishlom won BC Hydro award, BC Game Developer Award, Second place Jr project, and an invitation to Nationals in Ottawa.

Presenting to the judges.
Science Fair Activities
Science Fair activities!
All the participants!
Award Winners!
BC Hydro Award Winner

I’ve got the need, the need to read!

How to support literacy at home.

Students in the middle grade years need to read a lot in order to develop their vocabulary and to continue to improve their comprehension skills. In fact, the volume of reading that students engage in predicts their reading achievement (reading level.) Middle school students should be reading 30-40 books (~125-175 pages length) per year. Increasing the time spent reading by reluctant readers by just 10 minutes per day, can increase the number of words read by 1428%! Teachers help to support this need to read by including silent reading, literature circles and novel studies into their classrooms.

Families can support reading by encouraging their children to read “good fit” books at home. “Good fit” books are books that are interesting to the reader and that are neither too simple, nor too difficult for the person to read (a quick test is to count the number of unknown words on a page – if there are more than 5 confusing words, it may be too challenging.) Home can also support their child’s reading by having conversations about the books being read. What do you like about the book? What’s the most interesting part so far? What do you wonder about? What does this book remind you of? Talking about our reading helps us to understand it better.

If your child is a reluctant reader, ask the school librarian for book recommendations. There is always a book for every child! And reading is reading – novels, graphic novels, magazines… are all great ways for students to improve their reading achievement and to engage in joyful literacy.

~ Angela Connelly (District High School Literacy Teacher)

Concert Band Success!!!

DCSS Concert Band participated in Grande Prairie Music Festival 2018 and won a gold medal on April 17th. The band has performed two pieces. The band consisted of thirteen members were called “small but mighty” by adjudicators. The group has been preparing for this festival by attending Sunday practices as well as regular classes. After the festival, the band went to play bowling and pocket ball to celebrate. Great job to all the members and congratulations on achieving a gold medal!

The Band!
Celebration Time!
Celebration Time #2!

Cowboy Day a Highlight!

Students, Wyatt Simmons and Ticker Esau, organized some of their cowboy peers to hold a lunch time event in the gym as part of their Leadership class with Mrs. Tinto. Typically the gym is overrun with students playing things like basketball but the boys had a different idea. Bringing equipment such as fake calves and ropes from home, they spent lunch hour teaching other students and staff how to rope that cow! It was a great success and everyone had a lot of fun. Thank you to the young gentlemen for coming up with this great idea.

Well Howdy Cowboys!
Showing off their roping.
Best Dressed Cowboy.

Trimester 2 Honor Roll

Congratulations to our 112 students who made the Honor Roll with straight A’s or A-averages with their GPA based on all courses (not limited to Academics). That’s 32% of our students. Awesome! Certificates were given out by Ms. Lindstrom and Mr. Horton last week. We also have our students recognized on our Awards Wall located at the downstairs intersection.

Gr. 9 Honour Roll w/ Distinction (Straight A's)

  • Tim Bieri
  • Kylie Capelle
  • Jayden Easingwood
  • Adam Fodor
  • Layla Hingley
  • Tiona Lenart
  • Aiden Lorincz-Bowman
  • Markus Meyer
  • Sarah Smith
  • Kendyl Stark
  • Sasha Wilgress
  • Emma Wyatt

Gr. 8 Honour Roll w/ Distinction (Straight A's)

  • Adelle Bailey
  • Independence Baran
  • Rylie Bondaroff
  • Ridley Chisholm
  • Shayne Hommy
  • Dylan Lekstrom
  • Madison MacElheren
  • Hannah McDonald
  • Jessica Rude
  • Kennedy Smith
  • Keaton Spenner
  • Bree Torgrimson
  • Kaela Villamarin
  • Benjamin Walker

Gr. 9 Honour Roll (A/B's)

  • Ashley ANderson
  • Nicole Anonuevo
  • Micca Asuncion
  • Luis Manocnoc
  • Gabby BerbenzanaCourney Berg
  • Gabby CapelleSophie Chandler
  • Alexis Conroy
  • Jordy Cryne
  • Annique DeCosta-Blais
  • Karma Hamilton
  • Joel Harris
  • Bella Jonsson
  • Sarah Kim
  • Sheann Madayag
  • Caston Parker
  • Joelle Paulin
  • Willis Piper
  • Brinne Remfert
  • Dakotah Ruel
  • Paige Scanlon
  • Kianna-Rae Sherk
  • Cadence Spenner
  • Jonas Sutton
  • Averee Whitewood
  • Titus Willms
  • Marley Wolff
  • Cheyenne Young

Gr. 8 Honour Roll (A/B's)

  • Banagaso, Jan
  • Borra, Krystal
  • Borromeo, DJ
  • Bowen, Tori
  • Brough, Lauren
  • Cardines, Jethro
  • Carpenter-Bloudoff, Ilyana
  • Chaffee, Kadence
  • Cox, Blake
  • Cox, Kennedy
  • Dalsin, Austin
  • Dunbar, Dalaney
  • Duong, Kaitlyn
  • Ebersbach, Vincent
  • Freeman, Emma
  • Gaucher, Kaylan
  • Graff, Reece
  • Graham, Gabe
  • Hansen, Sara
  • Jalbert, Kayah
  • Jobson, Olivia
  • Jones, Jesse
  • Knutson, Autumn
  • Lamon, Emerald
  • Levins, Brodie
  • Maming, Niel Aron
  • Mazanek, Colton
  • McKay, Daylon
  • McKechnie, Landon
  • McLean, Elizabeth
  • Miller, Kaedance
  • Miller, Keisha
  • Pamittan, Christopher
  • Parslow, Kendal
  • Patterson, Casey
  • Penner, Cadence
  • Purnell, Ryder-Dayne
  • Reeve, Xavier
  • Richard, Emily
  • Ripley, Janice
  • Rowley, Shya
  • Schwertner, Rebecca
  • Shea, Adam
  • Shevkenek, Kennedy
  • Smith, Janie
  • Smithard, Kourtlynn
  • Sorken, Wyatt
  • Sprinkle, Millar
  • Stark, Talia
  • Switzer, Kira
  • Tower, Trysta
  • Waddell, Erin
  • Warner, Alix
  • Wilkinson, Keanne
  • Wilson, Jordyn
  • Wilson, Parker
  • Zavaglia, Halle
Coyote Sightings


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