Robert De La Salle By james s

Robert De La Salle was born Nov,22,1643 in Rougen,France.

He was later a merchant just like his dad was when he was a kid.

In the later 1669's he sailed to the New World.

La Salle wanted to honor his country and for fill the family rule to sail or farm,he also wanted to do it for fame and love.

He was sponsored by France and also sponsored by Louis XIV.

Robert De La Salle claimed water routes on the way to the New World,later on they claimed a huge chunk of Idaho. He and his crew built a huge fort to kill whoever stepped foot on their new found land.

Robert Da La Salle gained power and wealth for his best friend and his country, later he gained fame,wealth, and love for his family and himself and that was a good impact. Soon he had to get more land for his country and later did not know that they were in a ambush. Their hole army died along with him he had a lot of depths to pay for like the ship supplies,food,trading furs,also needed money to by food if they ran out but they just put it on his family which were very poor after he died and that was a bad impact.

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