Try Adobe Spark 17 in 2017 Spotlight

What is it?

  • Spark Video allows you to take video, text, images, icons, and music to create a professionally looking video with numerous theme options. You can voiceover any parts of the video which is a great way to add a personal touch and allows students opportunities to verbally show what they know.
  • Spark Page is what you are experiencing right now. It is a great option when you have a lot of text to go with images, videos, and links to other sites. It is basically a website that you scroll through from top to bottom, which makes it an excellent choice to present linear information.
  • Spark Post allows you to create social media graphics with text. You can add labels to images, create posters or infographics, or have students create an image to analyze and interpret text. One more tool to let students creatively demonstrate their learning.

Why use it?

Spark is an easy to learn set of tools for students and teachers, and works on any device. There is no limit to creativity with these tools and they can be used in any subject area and grade level. You can also sign-in with Google, so you don't have to .


Go to on the web or download the apps in Self-Service on the iPad.
Spark Video, Spark Page, Spark Post



  • Students under 13 years old cannot create an Adobe ID to save work.
Contact a DLC if you would like to brainstorm how Adobe Spark can meet the needs of your class.


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