Baylis Court School Newsletter Friday 11th September 2020

11th September 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Students

It has been a great week, really good to see the school as it should be, full of vibrant, excited students.

Students have been excited to see each other and their teachers. Students have also settled into the routine of their lessons in a purposeful way. We are all following the one-way system along the corridors, which has helped movement around the school. The organisational changes that we have put in place have helped us to stay safe. Students have adapted to the new rules and procedures exceptionally well.

We have given Year 7 a big welcome. They are getting to know the school, with less of them getting lost between lessons, as the term progresses.

Just a reminder, that if your child is showing any of the symptoms of Covid-19 (the main ones being: a high temperature; a new and continuous cough; any changes in taste and smell) then they must stay at home and you need to let us know. You will need to organise a Covid-19 test for your child, if the results are negative then once your child is fit to return, they should return to school. If the result is positive, then let us know. Anyone that tests positive for Covid-19 will have to self-isolate for at least 10 days and the household must also self-isolate.

If a student or staff member has tested positive, we will contact Public Health England. The health protection team will carry out a rapid risk assessment and guide us on next steps. We will send home anyone who has been in close contact with the person who has tested positive, advising them to self-isolate for 14 days.

I would like to thank parents for all that you do to make sure that your child is prepared for a purposeful and productive day at school. Please do continue to make sure that they are wearing their uniform correctly and that they have all of the equipment and books that they need for the day’s lessons.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Ray Hinds


Welcome to our new year 7 students. We hope that you have enjoyed your first few weeks, you have had a great start and your uniform and behaviour has been wonderful. Well done for dealing with all the changes and good luck during your time at Baylis. Try your hardest and be kind to everyone that you meet.

We Love Reading!

Staff book reviews

Review of Divergent by Mr Bleakley

Review of Divergent series by Veronica Roth, Cultural Enrichment Collection Year 11 No. 1

If you’ve read The Hunger games and enjoyed it, you’ll love Divergent. It’s all about kids killing each other in a weird dystopian future after some kind of global war. It’s been a while since I read this series, but I did enjoy it.

So, to keep the peace in dystopian war ravaged America, people are divided into five Tutor Groups which represent their personality. All the really tough, brave people join Dauntless. They spend a lot of time jumping off trains and fighting. All the really clever people join Erudite and they all wear glasses, quote Shakespeare and say ‘yah’ a lot. All the really shy, reserved and simple living people join Abnegation, where they don’t eat meat, don’t wear makeup and wear all grey clothes and don’t look in mirrors. The other two are Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. No, wait; that’s Harry Potter. I can’t remember what the other two are called.

Anyway, in the rare but awkward situation when someone has two different and opposing personality traits (like, I wear glasses and I’m really clever but I like punching people, or I’m really shy, live a simple life but I can do quantum physics), they are Divergent. This is an ancient word that means ‘far too clever for my own good and far too cool for school’. Also, nobody likes Divergents and they are banned.

So how do you get chosen for a particular Tutor Group? Well you put the sorting hat on. No, wait; that’s Harry Potter again. They inject you with something that gives you nightmares and hallucinations. In your nightmare you have to choose between a machine gun and a jam sandwich. Then you are attacked by a pack of wild dogs. If you choose the machine gun you are Dauntless. If you choose the jam sandwich you are stupid and probably Abnegation.

Right, with me so far? Well, all the really clever Erudite people work out a way of controlling the minds of all the really brave, fearless Dauntless people using some kind of complicated computer programme, Windows 1,000 or something with a USB 97.0. Then they make all the Dauntless zombies kill the shy Abnegations so they can take over the world.

The only person who can stop all this is a teenage girl who’s a bit Divergent and a bit Dauntless and a bit Abnegation. She might be a bit Erudite as well making her very Divergent. Get it? Anyway, she drags her Dauntless boyfriend along with her to try and save the world. Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t. Read the book and find out…


Year 9 Art

Nicole Singh

Summer learning Photography Art task

Well done!

We love this artwork by Year 7 student, Syedah Kazmi.

Well done!

Year 10 and 11 Science Exams

Y10 science DD1's will take place 14th & 15th September in each students first lesson of the week.

They should revise content from chapters 1 - 4 of each science.

Y11's Baseline Assessment will take place 21st & 22nd September in each students first lesson of the week.

They should revise content from chapters 1 - 7 from physics and chemistry and 1 - 9 from biology.

Sims Parent App

All parents have been sent a link to join Sims Activities via email from Baylis Court School, you need to follow the link and then can download the app/or use the website to provide permission for your child to attend all co-curricular clubs, breakfast club, the library, after school club and educational visits in school:

If you have any problems or have not received the email or need further support please contact: kco@bayliscourt.slough.sch.uk

Kind regards,

Mrs Coulson

The Cultural Enrichment Award will be launching next week, along with the online Teams project.

Students will have an assembly delivered in their Tutor times to explain all the ways they can achieve the Award and the fantastic Cultural Enrichment opportunities that will be available this year.

Any questions please contact Mrs Coulson.

Year 7 Enrichment Activities Club

Year 7 have been invited to join the sixth form run Enrichment Activities Club during break times at school in room 1.

You must accept the invitation sent to your email from sims activities in order to secure a place.

Your child can choose a day in the week to attend.

Any further questions please email kco@bayliscourt.slough.sch.uk

Co-Curricular 2020 Term 1

The Co-curricular timetable will be issue to your form tutors this week and all clubs will be bookable by sims activities.

We look forward to seeing you all.

Any questions please email the subject lead or Mrs Coulson

Extra-curricular PE programme (Beginning on Monday 14th September):


Arrive to school in Full PE / Dance Kit on days where you have a timetabled PE / Dance lesson.

Bring full school uniform to get changed into after your PE / Dance lesson, including after lesson 5.

TRAINERS – should be suitable for running, no plimsolls (including Converse or Vans) OR High Top / Mid Top or Platform Trainers.

Students will take part in Dance in bare feet.

• Careers Magazine for Parents – Career Mag Issue 4

• Careers Magazine for School Leavers – What Next Summer 2020

Relationships and Sex Education Policy Update- Click here

Priority admissions to Baylis Court School

Do you have a sibling, family member or friend who would love to join year 7 in 2020 and has a natural ability for Dance, Drama or Music?

We are able to offer up to 16 guaranteed places to students in 2020 who can show aptitude in these areas. Please have a look at the school admissions page on our website for the application form


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