eSIM Management A Smartjac eSIM service powered by 10ttech

eSIM as a Service

We are at the beginning of moving the mobile telecoms world from the 1990’s generation of physical SIM cards, that has necessitated the building of extensive national sales and distribution networks to facilitate mobile subscribers accessing GSM networks. With GSMA compliant SMDP+, mobile carriers can become fully digital by distributing their subscription information electronically and securely, via ecommerce and marketplaces that will truly transform the way they do business, both domestically and internationally.

What is eSIM? The embedded SIM is a 5 × 5 mm chip embedded in a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or other gadgets. It is soldered into the motherboard during production and saves SIM card data. eSIM can work without or with a physical SIM card. The owner of a gadget with such a chip can switch between several numbers without the need to open the slot and change SIM cards manually. To use the technology, you need da device with a built-in SIM card.

Smartjac’s has partnered with 10T Tech and we can now provide access to a world class consumer eSIM platform as a service that has been deployed in over 50 global mobile carriers. SM-DP+ (Subscription Manager, Data Preparation) is the GSMA ratified name for the consumer specification eSIM platform that stores then allows the download of a mobile carriers eSIM’s onto a compatible consumer device such as a smartphone, tablet or wearable. Smartjac’s eSIM solution is powered by 10T’s SM-DP+ and is housed in Idemia’s GSMA SAS approved datacentre in EU, thus ensuring the highest levels of security.


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