Maahir #MY exhibition journal

This is a picture that was taken while we were doing our tuning in activity this was a picture of us exploring a strand.
This was us writing the reflection for the tuning in activity this was really important because I needed to reflect back and remember this in the future
This is a picture that was taken after we finished our tuning in activity of the whole 5th grade

For the 3 pictures above I wanted to say that we did this to get a better understanding of the 3 strands in the exhibition (culture, creativity, aesthetics) before we saw that we did not know a thing about the 3 strands but now our minds are filled with them.

First time I logged on to Adobe spark

What is it that excites you about this Exhibition ?

What excites me the most is organising our own field trips, guest speakers and mentor meetings also, we have to use digital journals (Adobe Spark) instead of handwritten journals it is all online which is much easier.

What opportunities do you think there will be for you to SHINE ?

I think that in the research part I will shine because throughout the year I have been really confident and successful with my research and also I will shine in helping and contributing to the group always.

What do you see as being the biggest challenges for you during the exhibition process ?

I think one of the biggest challenges would be organising our own field trips and organising our own guest speakers that will be very hard because I am not very good at planning I can suggest some places to them but I can't plan it totally

My Exhibition

( day 1 )

We started the exhibition by getting into our groups my group consists of Aryan, Aarushi, Kashish and me so we started by making a bridge out of newspapers to get to know our group and then we tested how strong our bridges were.

(Day 2)

We created our Lines of Inquiry and our Central idea we also made our essential agreements

This is the exhibition t-shirt plan I drew I just hope it gets selected for the actual t-shirt. I made the Black designs because they are ways to express yourself and the colours in the background are the shades of warm colors

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