World Peace Dj, Caroline, Metri

The City of Chicago is in the most need of peace, the murder rates have sky rocketed, everyday when I wake up and turn on the news, I always see another murder case. The city needs to stop the violence.
Los Angeles

Controlled media ia is a prevailing factor in this city. Because of this many messages get distorted and exaggerated. It is important for people to learn the facts before they form opinions based on false news, and to respect everybody's opinion as there own. 

A lot of crime takes place in Detroit, too much hate takes place here. This city needs love and peace. We need stop the crime and violence.
Caracas has the high st murder rate in the entire world. More than 1 in every 1000 people are murded. The city is involved with much drug use and crime. This city needs to become more peaceful, spread the love.
This city demonstrates great safety and a great economy. Many jobs are available here and business is good, this city is low in crime rate. However this city is very crowded and populated, so perhaps spreading the city out and some population control would be good, but this city is very peaceful.
Dubai is a peaceful city located in United Arab Emirstes which is in the Middle East. This city demonstrates great peace and civilization in a violent disturbed area of the world.
This city is known for great romance and great love, this city is very peaceful. Minus a bad terrorist attack and other issues this city demonstrates what it really means to have world peace.


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