The Iron Trial Holly black, cassandra clare

The overall place that this book takes place is in the Magisterium. I imagine it to be a big place where all the mages and master train and all the new kids that are taking the test to become a mage.

Calls school in north Caroline

The plane carrier where the kids take the trial inside

The arena where all the kids entered in to take the test or trial

The gym inside of the plane carrier

My book takes place in 2015, summer and I imagine it being sunny and the environment that we have now.

The environment in my book is just like ours until they get into the Magisterium. There's more different and strange things. I could imagine it being way different technology.

The population of my book is big because there's a lot of masters, mates and kids inside of the Magisterium and outside of the Magisterium where there's also a lot of kids and adults in Calls town.

The clothes in my book is just like ours but the mages have black robes with hoods on it. They are used in my book because the masters have to where the robes and the kids aren't mages yet so they have to wear there own clothes.

The mood in my book is mostly happy, exciting, sad, daring. The parts that show all the mood is manly in the Magisterium but the sad parts is when the dad is telling Call how his mom died.

The setting affects the story because it shows that the Magisterium is a place where only mages and master go to train the younger mages so they can control there magic and for war. The Magisterium is a place where the masters take the young mages after the trial but they have to sacrifice to not be able to see there parents until they can fully control their magic or powers.


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