Temperate Deciduous Forests In Europe

Climate of the Temperate Deciduous Forest

  • Rainfall: 60-30 inches a year
  • Average Temperature: 86 to -22 degrees fahrenheit
  • Hot Summers and cold Winter

Net Primary Productivity

  • The Temperate Deciduous Forest biomes, along with the Boreal Forest biomes, cover approximately 22% of the Earth's surface. The only biomes that cover more area, are the Polar Tundra, and Dessert Biomes.
  • Temperate Deciduous Forests have a growing season of over 120 days. They are one of three biomes to have a growing season.
  • The Temperate Deciduous Forest Biomes have a Net Primary Productivity of 6,000. This is higher than all the other biomes except for Tropical Rainforests, Estuaries, and Swamps and Marshes.

Soil Quality

  • The soil is very fertile because of all the decaying matter produced by the plants and animals. This fertile soil is ideal for new trees to grow.

Endangered and Invasive Animals

Invasive Multiflora Rose

This plant was brought to England to serve as a natural wall for livestock. It reproduces quickly so it has become classified as an endangered species.

Endangered European Bison

The European Bison is endangered because of poaching during the 1500's. There is a large movement trying to bring back the European Bison, however it's rather difficult because of how small the numbers have gotten.

Animals and Plants

European Red Squirrel

The European Red Squirrel has large teeth that are used to break open nuts and pine cones. They are also able to use their front claws for climbing trees.

Fat Dormouse

The Fat Dormouse is able to survive in many various habitats, partly because it uses so many different places has shelter. They have very large ears, which helps them avoid predators at night.

Least Weasel

The Least Weasel's fur changes with the seasons. A dirty brown coat for summer, and a white gray coat for winter. This helps it hide in the Temperate Deciduous Forests, no matter what season it is. It's sharp claws and teeth make it the smallest carnivore in the world.

Carpet Moss

Carpet Moss is able reproduce sexually and asexually. This helps it survive if there is now way for it to reproduce sexually.

Lady Fern

The Lady Fern is able to reproduce rather quickly. This is a good thing because Lady Fern's are the major food source of Bear, Elk, and are a major ingredient in foods that humans eat.

Guelder Rose

The Guelder Rose is able to grow in both heavy clay and acidic soil. This allows it to grow in environments that people might not expect it to grow.


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