Good Life Tour of the Harn By Diana Jose

The above picture is of a portrait of Frida Khalo near the entrance of her exhibit. All of the pictures in this story are taken by me in the Harn Museum of Art. Disclaimer: My front camera is broken so it's difficult to get pictures of myself with the exhibit. I did it regardless, and I took pictures of only the exhibits to compensate. The pictures are all edited with Pic Collage.

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: Seeing this artwork in person was much more captivating, since I immediately noticed the amount of detail put into the sculpture, which is a work of art done by Tanaka Tomomi in 1983 as a gift. Sections of the sculpture look like roses, and the petals are defined and plentiful. The whole sculpture is quite aesthetic with its wavy shape and many carvings that flow with the entire sculpture.
Design of the Museum: This is the most beautiful room as a whole in the entire exhibit. It is the room behind the Asian Collection. It is very open and well-lit. The wood makes the atmosphere in this room feel serene, and the very open view of the nature outside adds to this peaceful effect.
Art and Core Values:This picture was taken by Rineke Dijkstra in Berlin on July 1, 2000. It shows an awkward young girl posing in front of a camera. I found this image to be powerful and relatable because it reminded me of the time when I had to leave my family in Mexico to come live in the United States with my mother and younger brother. I was an awkward child, I think, since my English skills was nonexistent; it was difficult for me to communicate with my classmates or other potential friends because of my deficiency in the language. Anyway, the core value that I relate to this image is that of loss: feeling lost in a land that I happened to land in, and also the loss of family members that were very dear to me.
Art and the Good Life: This is a picture of three girls holding hands in Brazil, taken by Sebasti√£o Salgado in 1981. This piece of art evokes the theme of sharing. These three girls seem to be fond of each other since they're holding hands. I think sharing is probably the thing that people need most. Life is most enjoyable when spent with people you love. The hardships that we undergo together serve to bond us to the people we endured the times with. The most cherished memories we will have will probably be with the persons we love.

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