Performance Rockin' All Over .......

Live music is how it all began. My first ever photographic job was helping out a photographer on a live shoot back in 1997! He was impressed & the next night the photographer sent me on my own, and the rest as they say is history. That was in 1997 working for Uk RockNet, the days of 28k dial up internet & digital cameras producing images that were considered ground breaking at 200kb. I even had to shrink them down, as back then a 200kb image was considered far too large for the internet! Since then I've photographed every one from Stadium Giants to solo artists just starting out. Regularly shooting over 140 + acts a year my love for music and performance as well as being able to spot a great live shot mean that I can make your band or act look amazing whether on stage or on location. The one thing I've learned about shooting bands is that by getting them out of the rehearsal studio you can give them a completely different look than in the studio. Whether its outside in the rain, on an industrial estate or just a piece of waste ground I can give any band a cool and contemporary look perfect for all that social media you need to do.

The photograph below was shot one November in the dark outside of a Birmingham rehearsal studio. Whilst inside was a great space for rehearsing and more relaxed images suitable for inside an album sleeve the harshness of the streetlight with the fantastic look of the wall was just what was needed to to make the band look totally Rock 'n' Roll!

If you want to raise awareness of your act and put it in front of the best agents and bookers in the industry it's worth looking at doing a showcase such as "Keeping It Live".

Their amazing crew put on two shows a year, January in Blackpool and November in Birmingham. Both shows have huge stages with full PA and backline, full lighting rig to make you look good for the awesome photographer (me), and an audience that is full of agents, Holiday Parks and Bookers. Its not open to the public to watch so you know the right people will be there watching you. Click the below to find out more information!


©Steve Elliott