Eating Through COVID-19: Week Two By Jamison Davis

Welcome back, we made it through the first week of remote learning! Hopefully, you're not too burned out already. Quarantine life isn't always the most exciting, so I'm glad that I'm able to spend time writing about my experience during our time off; it's almost therapeutic.

Monday, March 23: Hi, my name is Jamison and I am a smoothie addict. Do you remember the Sunshine smoothie I kept raving about last week? I've gotten it every day since so far, not even exaggerating. But, I think today will be the last time for a while, since Governor Mike DeWine's "stay at home" order goes into effect tonight *sad face*. Either way, today was the first day of making food at home because of the above order. Well, doing everything at home for that matter. Thankfully, remote learning doesn't officially start until tomorrow, so I can have this last day of spring break to myself :)

Tuesday, March 24: The first day of remote learning, and I'm already up at 7:30 in the morning, before the rest of my family is up. Glad to see that's nothing's changed in my house, even though the world outside is. Once everyone finally got up, though, we got to make breakfast together - something we haven't done since Christmas. Everyone had a job: my dad and brother made the cinnamon rolls (not from scratch, sorry) and bacon, I made scrambled eggs, and my mom sat and looked pretty, making sure no one burned the house down. She does that the best.


Wednesday, March 25: The work is starting to settle in now. It hasn't been a lot, but I'm in my room a good amount of the late morning/afternoon part of the day. We may not physically be in school, but it still feels nice to have my own space set up how I want it and just be productive in general. Today was a nice day weather-wise, so my brother and I went on a walk to drop something off at a neighbor's house.

Finally - out of the house!

Well, my dad was supposed to make ribs for dinner tonight, but it's almost 9:00 and they're not ready yet...maybe next time. Thankfully, the rest of my family is self-sufficient and made their own dinner: a ham sandwich for Mom, grilled cheese for my brother, and scrambled eggs for me. That's just how we roll sometimes in my house, but I didn't mind :)

Thursday, March 26: My dad is a grill maniac, and let me tell you why: he made three (yes, THREE) racks of ribs. Why? Just because he had them. As I'm editing this, he's expressing that he's upset that he didn't take pictures for me to post. It's okay, Dad, maybe next time. He's also a seasoning hoarder, so there was three different seasonings and meat rubs for each rack of ribs. We're special, I know. I'm not even much of a "rib girl", but they weren't too bad, not going to lie.

Friday, March 27: So, remember when I said that I probably wasn't going to be able to get smoothies this week, thanks to quarantine? ...I got one today. However, I plan to try a new flavor next week, so we'll see how that goes. Anyway, it's Pizza Night! The family wanted Adriatico's, so my dad and I traveled to campus and got calzones (or stromboli, whatever you would like to call it) for everyone. Overall, this week has been really chill, even with online school starting up. Hopefully, it stays this way next week.

I feel like this week went by faster than last week did, even with all the work I started this week. I hope you're getting outside as much as you can and not going completely crazy in the house. Stay healthy and Happy Eating Kilbourne!


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