The Divine Jordan Brown

I was really excited when I entered the theater. I have a love for theater and the entire experience of going to the theater to see show. I was lucky enough to be sitting very close to the stage and that did a lot for my experience. I could see the actor's facial expressions more clearly and it added a new layer to the performance. There are few mediums that rival theater. There is a certain energy that no other media can obtain.
I initially planned on going to the play by myself, but I found one of my friends at the play. Once I saw all the people who were also in attendance, I was glad that I was no longer alone. I tend to not enjoy being in large crowds and in large social situations by myself so it was nice to be able to sit with someone. This says a lot about how others assist us in finding the Good Life. My life, in that moment, drastically improved solely because of someone being there for me when I needed them.

The play is based in a time when religion held a lot of power over every aspect of life. While today religion does play a role in our lives, it often does not affect the more secular parts of our life. This play dealt with child abuse in different social spheres. I knew a lot about child labor prior to watching this play and I knew quite a bit about sexual abuse of children in the Catholic church. However, the play gave it a more detailed depiction of these issues and created characters that you cared about. As a young woman in college, the discussion of sexual abuse and how it can be swept under the rug struck a cord with me. Many people are forced into silence by shame or pressure from people who are more powerful than you, much like the main character of the play.

The play offers us some resemblance of justice being served, but at the same time it leaves us wanting a better ending. The issues discussed in the play are still issues today. The audience know this. Sure, we feel satisfied with the mostly happy ending that the play provides but it also forces us to see how little has changed. When the truth comes out at the end to the police, we do feel a sense of relief but we recognize that all is not well. An arrest or a conviction cannot heal a victim of assault. It can only make it easier to handle.

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