Camping Supplies

People say camping is terrible but, most of them are lying beacause they might enjoy camping. If your going camping you need to make sure you have everything you need. You need water extra things to go exploring like , a lighter, some food (hotdogs, ghramm crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows), a tent, and a backpack full of waterboots, a change of clothes, and any bathing suit you want . If you want to have fun &learn how to hunt, camping would be great for you. Plus, when you go camping you can have as much fun as you want. So campers come along and read this article if you want to become a camping expert.

Exporing Nature

Camping can help you explore animals habitats and nature you could learn a thing or two. You could bring a camera and take pictures of rare eagles, foxes, rabbi & other animals live’s and save those pictures but don't sell them for a lot of money. And if you do want to show the public, you can but that may make them endangered or even extinct! But the most important thing you need to do first is find a campground. You can just bring a trailer and park in one or you can find a grassy terrain to stay.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to bowfish a tilapia or scavenger for deer, fox, and rabbits… well if you said yes you could do that all in the wild. Did you know that if you go camping you have to watch out for wild animals like wolves because they can hunt you. You could learn how to build a fire which is pretty simple because you need to get dry wood, some stones, and your lighter/matches. As the fire keeps you warm, you notice you’re hungry. This is why you should bring a pan/rack to cook your catch of food. To hunt for them you could make a spear with a branch and use your pocket knife to shape it into a spear.


Did you ever make a smore or roast hotdogs/ the food you caught over a campfire ? If you never did you can do that when you go camping, beacause for me thats my favorite part. First, you have to find dry wood and this is why you needed to bring matches or a lighter. If you don’t bring any of those you kind of have a poor chance to make a fire. As you notice when the toasty fire starts, you might be bored so you could explore nature more like go mountain climbing, or hike a dusty long trail.

Reasons Camping is Awesome

You should go camping from reasons to wildlife/ nature to having fun. After if you want to, you could bring someone to come along with you if you want.

P.S I am not responsible for any injuries.

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