A-Africa a continent with many variation of land forms

B- Bur bur is a african tribe in Africa

C- Continent Africa is a continent.

D-Desert Africa has the biggest desert called the Saharan Desert.

E-Ebola Is a disease that comes from in Africa. '

F-Faleme river is a river in africa that is used for using boats to cross through places.

G-Ghana is an Empire in Africa and was the biggest empire.

H-Handicrafts is what they used to craft tools with

I-Islam was their religion in Africa.

J-Johannes burg is a state or country in Africa.

K-Killed is what people did to survive and they killed animals for their fur and food to trade.

L-Lavender was one of the cloth they used to make clothes.

M-Mali is another big Empire in Africa that fighted.

N-Navigators were the people who went into the Saharan desert and knew where to go.

O-Oasis was a landform in Africa that was found in deserts.

P-Polytheistic was the religion of Ghana before they were forced to convert to Islam.

Q-Quran was the religious text or bible that Africa used in Islam.

R-Reliable was what the people in the desert had to be because, some people needed to make tools and clothes and then other people would have to make other stuff so someone would have to be reliable to take care of another thing.

S-Songhai was another Empire in Africa that took over Ghana and became a powerful Empire.

T-Timbukto was one of the countries in Africa that they traded in and it was also apart of the trade route.

U-Uige was a city in Angola and was used for trading with.

V-Victoria falls was a big place with water and a waterfall that was in Zimbabwe.

W-War was one thing they always had in Africa. Songhai had a civil war before they were defeated by the mongolians.

X-Xhosa were people from south east Africa.

Y-Yegura was a very big mountain in Africa and was one of the biggest mountains in the world.

Z-Zulu was a guy in Africa who was a leader of a tribe.

These are animals found in Africa.



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