Intro art PORtfolio By Summer Mann

I took Intro Art because I wanted to become more confident in my drawing skills . When I signed up for Intro Art I was expecting the art assignments to be easy but in stead they are very detailed and they challenge me to become a better artist.
Positive & Negative Spaces
In this drawing I used the positive and negative space strategie. This assigment was very difficult for me because I was tempted to draw the image that I saw, but I challenged myself and drew the negative and positive spaces. I learned the most rom this strategy because I realized, when duplicating an image you can always look at the shapes and angles that it makes. This has helped me get the result of more accurate curves and smooth transitions.
Lights and Shadows
Relationships and Porportions
Edges and Contours
Hand Drawings
When I drew my hands I can see a huge improvement in the fine detail I added. My most recent hand is much more detailed with the creases in my palms.
Chiaroscuro is the contrast of light and dark to give the illusion of space. I used vine charcoal to create the lightness of my face, and in the shadows I used compressed charcoal to make it darker. I also have an example of Rembrandt's lighting over my right eye, that was caused by another spotlight.
Self Portraits
The areas that had the most improvement throughout my self portraits was my use of proportions. When I started to use the correct proportions they became more realistic. My shading has also improved, from the test run, to the final portrait, I think I did a lot better job on blending in my edges.
Still Life Drawing
If I could go back and spend more time on this I would have. I would have spent more time smoothing out the edges and blending in the rough edges of the objects.
Problem Solving
For this image we were challenged to switch into our R-mode and draw the shapes not the image. It was difficult because I had to problem solve and really focus on staying in my R-mode.
Drawing Ability
In this image I think I did very well on proportions, the thing I wish I could have done differently to improve my drawing abilities in this art piece is the hair. I could have drawn lighter strokes and better transitions between the face and the hair, the hair line is a bit rough
••••••••SEMESTER #2•••••••••
I learned the most from this O'Keefe tempera painting because it taught me a lot about gradations, using proportions, colors, and using a view finder. After doing some test gradations for this painting I really got the hang of blending the paint smooth instead of having finger smudges everywhere. This project really prepared me for using oil pastel and chalk pastel because I really got comfortable with making gradations and adding lights and darks.
The color theory is the color wheel and mixing colors. When mixing colors you have to make sure they will blend well together. I learned from the color theory that if you add a tint to a color you are adding white which means you make the color brighter and if you add a tone to a color you make it darker. For this oil pastel project this helped me a lot because in places that were lighter I added a tint to brighten the color.
I learned During this chalk pastel Drawing that if you want to Make the light show up you add a tint over the color to make it Brighter
This is a watercolor painting of a turtle. This technique was the easiest for me because the color was mixed into water which made the colors mix on their on, as long as they were very watery.
This drawing I used the chalk pastel technique. This technique was more challenging for me because you really have to blend the colors very wells and keep adding layers to make them more vivid and wipe away color where there needed to be more dull. Also, some of my gradations were rough.
The image on the left is a picture of the ferrofluid project that we did. We had an artist license to change the image if we wanted to include more gradations. The image on the right is drawn with oil pastel and I added a lot of creativity by adding color and gradations from the original image.
The image on the left i drew in first semester with charcoal. In many places i had to use lights and darks. I think i really improveD on this skill since last semEster, because the image on the right i drew in second semester with chalk pastel. I think i made much better gradstions with my color and really improved in adding lights, darks, and reflections.
ThRoughout the year i think i have truly adVanced as an artist. I discovered that i can make Pretty good gradations and i think my creativity level has risen. I have become a more confident artist, since i have learned so many differnt techniques. Taking intro to art really helped me discover myself as an artist.

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