Why are Baby's Attracted to Bright Colors? By Sanay doshi

Whah! You hear a baby screaming at the end of the isle. You see it crying for a toy. Might as well just help it. You grab an awesome black car toy thinking he would like it. WHaa! The baby cried even louder. You grab a yellow car. He suddenly grabbed it and crawled away. ‘Wow! He completely ignored that police car’ Have you ever wondered why babies prefer bright colours?

Well, in this article you will be informed on baby eye development, why toy companies use bright colours, and the symbolism of colours. So let’s d-eye-ve right in. And yes… The pun was intended.

A Baby's Eye Development

Baby's eye development has a huge role in this article. Baby’s are very sensitive to bright colours at birth. Their pupils remain constricted to limit the amount of light coming in. Their pupils enlarge and give them the ability to see different shades of light and dark after two weeks. When the retinas start to develop, the ability to see and recognise patterns improves. High contrast images and very simple shapes attract babies in the first few weeks, especially faces. Light is one reason why they use bright colours - it is easier for the babies to see. At 4 months of age, babies are able to differentiate between most shades of colour. Throughout this whole process they are developing their convergence (The ability for both eyes to focus on an object simultaneously), tracking, focus, and depth perception (The ability to perceive the world in three dimensions). This is important because it lets the baby react to colours which is what I will talk about on the next paragraph. This is one reason why most toy companies use these colours.

This photo is a model on how a new born baby's eyes develop.

Symbolism Of Colors

Each colour means something to a baby. Red means energy, power, love etc. But too much red will make your baby act aggressive and violent. Each colour has consequences like too much of one colour could be bad thing, but a variety of colours is perfect. For example, yellow is joy, happiness, imagination. But too much will make your baby jealous and dishonest.This means that the coloured objects you give to your baby and the colour of the surroundings of your baby will affect how they act, feel, and their attitude. Little acts like painting your room could change how your baby acts.

Color Symbolism Chart


You are now probably asking, how does this relate to bright colors and toys. Toy companies pick specific colors that symbolise fun/good things. They choose a mix of bright colors because dark and bland colors don’t symbolise anything great. For example, black symbolises unhappiness, evility, remorse etc. And white means bland and that stuff. Toy companies choose a mix of bright colors such as red, yellow, and green, to keep the child attracted to the many different colors. This is important because if they use the wrong colors it can make the baby behave badly and have bad attitude. Also, babies need to kill time and toys is how they do that. If toy companies didn’t attract babies then the babies will be bored.

Basically, bright colors mean something to babies. So what? It is important because then parents can choose the right colors that surround the baby. Why should anybody care? Because color changes how the baby acts and how they feel. To wrap it up, babies are attracted bright colors because of color symbolism, and their eye development. B-eye! And yes again the pun was intended.


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