The Renaissance By lilianna OVEIDO

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

Races : what did the skill road do to help the Renaissance ? I help by traveling to other places to said what is the new product that the people on rthe other side do to change life . "A that time, people did not believe the stories . People did not believe that Mario polo didn't step foot on china and people was very import to trade. . Chiana and Europe trade increase " .(holt 300) . The evidence explain how did the the people of Europe did not believe him and his stories and how is learn important to make new idea . Lastly the Renaissance was a great time to be alive ,when learning was very new .

Italian trade city's florence

Medici famIly

Rediscovering the past(Greek and Roman )

How did the finding of Greek and Roman classical idea help the he art of the renaissance? The renaissance are very similar to the classical art form the past. "The renaissance help life more like art and education and architecture and banking help trade in lifE" the Tex said how people life are very different after the renaissance they get not food on the table .in lasty the renaissance was a big help in the life

Michelangelo first art

Paper and printing

This is how paper was made in reniesse time

Renaissance writing (William shakespqere)

  1. What did the wn Shakespeare do to help humanity idea ? Shakespeare help by that poeple are import to the world . "Wn Shakespeare write in the Renaclar or common language ."( holt 317) the evidence explain how wn Shakespeare help other by writing in renaclar . Wn Shakespeare writing reflects the idea of humanism ? THe poeple who went to go visit the play it was like tv in the renaissance." Wn Shakespeare wrote poems and play to the poeple who speaks renaclar " The evidence explain how the other people can understand the poem and plays . Lasty the poem and play help the people .

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