The super duper amazing thing that is a house and does things!!! By hugo jenkins

In this ad I will be as honest as possible. This thing i'm about to present to you is dumb and will cost a lot of money. Anyways, the product i want to sell is The super amazing thing that is a house and does things brough to you by Sham-Products, its a total sham. This house is capable of doing the laundry, it can put your kids to sleep, do your home work, send your kids to school if you still have enough money for that after buying this crap, it can also do the laundry like i said earlier, it can play music if you want it to, but it cannot turn your suitcase into a space ship. I REPEAT, IT WILL NOT TURN YOUR SUITCASE INTO A SPACE SHIP. But it can do other things like transforming your kids into spoiled brats that will probably never leave the house and will probably end up wishing for your death. The super amazing thing that is a house and does things presented to you by Sham-Products is gread for you, you're parents, you're grand mother, you're kids, you're husband, wife or ex-wife... Now you might be siting under a tree looking at the beautiful sunset at 3PM and wonder: why am i here? Why was the super amazing thing that is a house and does things's ad was so long? How much did that cost? And why did i read the whole thing? Well i can answer one of these complicated question. The price of this house is 87.4 billion dollars. So go to the bank and take out all of your money and buy it! If you're a real man!

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