Alex The images used in this portfolio are for education purposes only

Unit A: For this picture i clicked the crop tool and set the width to 2.25 and the height to 4. I then drug the crop marquee took to create a new crop. I then rotated the image and executed the crop to achieve the image on the right.
Unit B: For this picture i used the quick selection took with a size 10px brush to highlight the entire apple to the left. Once the entire apple was selected i refined and smoothed the edges and moved the selected pixels to the right.
Unit C: For this picture i began with duplicating the coin layer and placing it on top of the couples picture. I then targeted the colosseum layer and added a black and white adjustment layer on top of it. After that i targeted the colosseum layer and rotated it. Then i targeted the couples picture layer and flipped it horizontally and rotated the bottom coin -45 degrees.
Unit D: To begin i created a levels adjustment layer and adjusted the levels triangles to brighten the image. I then added a second levels adjustment layer and drug the grey midpoint adjustment to .80. I then set the foreground color to black and used a size 175px brush tool with 0% hardness to paint the inside of the flower and made it sharper.
Unit E: For this edit i first targeted the sunset layer and changed the layer style to stroke. I then set the stroke color swatch to 128 in all boxes R, G, and B. I set the size to 10 and positioned to the center. I then set the type style to stroke and emboss, set the chisel to hard, and the depth to 110%. I then applied a gloss contour to finish.
Unit F: For this picture i duplicated the background layer and then replaced the color. I drug the fuzziness to the appropriate setting for each hue of the blue dress and replaced the blue color with light green. I then added a layer mask to mask any adjustments from the color replacement from the background and then i was finished.
Unit G: For this photo i opened up the original photo of the dog and selected it and copy merged. I then returned to the photo on the left and targeted the videos layer and clicked paste. I then clipped it to the videos layer. I then distorted the image so the picture of the puppy would fit exactly on the green box. I then used the same steps two more times to achieve the completed image on the right.
Unit H: For this picture i first created a new layer called clone and then selected the clone stamp tool. I set the hardness to 0% and the size to 70 and then selected current and blow on the options bar sample list. I then used the clone stamp to remove the bird and its shadow. I used this same method to remove all of the birds except the duck swimming in the pond.

Incentives to take PC: For this poster I started with a blank canvas and then filled various spaces with blue and pink. I then added the test I wanted on top of the image and brightened the picture as a whole.

liquify: Liquify to make look like Cheshire cat
Remove blemishes and wrinkles: I used the spot healing brush tool and smooth to edit the wrinkles and blemishes out of his face. I then used the dodge took to whiten his teeth and the sponge tool to brighten his eyes. I then sharpened the image slightly to make it look more realistic.


In this photo i first separated my face i half with the ruler. I then used the spot healing brush tool to get rud of any blemishes to smooth my face. I then used the dodge tool to whiten my teeth. I then used the sponge tool to brighten my eyes. Lastly i used the brush tool to add lipstick and eyeshadow with a low opacity.
In This Photo i made a background copy first. Then i Used the liquify took to distort my eyes to look bigger and crazier.. After that i selected the brush tool to make pink streaks in my hair and set the opacity to 50%.
For this photo I first took a picture of myself and made the background transparent so I could transfer it to the paris picture. I then added a postcard border and a stamp. I then added a text layer and brightened the picture to make it look more realistic.
For this photo I divided it into 4 segments and then added a Gaussian blur to the first. Distorted the second. Embossed the third. and twirled the fourth.
For my movie poster I first started with desaturating the image and then brightening it. I then added the text I needed to. then I created my logo and made the background transparent so I could add it on top of the poster. Then I took two pictures of flowers and made their backgrounds transparent so I could add them onto y poster. I then added the final text I needed. then I added the rated R and then put a last filter on it to make it look good.
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