Trent's Portfolio 8th Grade Media Art

I learned multiple art designs and new words this semester. I will use all of this things in the future to help me with designing. My favorite art piece of this semester is the Greg Olsen poster design. It's my favorite design because of the colors. I took a picture of Greg Olsen and pasted it into Photoshop and edited the rest. I added the border and did my own font on the name of the player and team. I also put my signature in a script typeface.

This was my poster design that I did of #88 Greg Olsen on the Carolina Panthers. I did this during the beginning of the year.

This is my Pearl Vision art design where we communicated what we would miss most without eyesight. I chose football because of how much I love it.

This is my identity package where we made our own logo and put it on an envelope, letterhead, and business card. My logo has a football and baseball bats because I like the two sports a lot. The business card and evolope are those the ones that have my information

This is my hue and saturation where we changed the the different options in hue and saturation. I went to the hue and saturation setting and adjusted colors. I scaled the size of the three apples and changed the background.

This is my word cloud and it is all about football related things. The color of it goes with the Carolina Panthers.
This is my Waves of The Future logo design that I made for the logo competition. The logo has three colors. My headline is curved, outlined, and heavy in weight. The rotary wheel was required to be included in the design. I chose to place it under the wave because it fits best there.
This my compliment poster that I made where basically you can come by and grab a compliment during the day. It is an interactive design. My target audience was the students at Black Water Middle school.
This is my can package design. I thought of the idea Bacon Milk for the soda and made my my own can. I thought of this idea after examining energy drink designs online. I decided to use school colors and a font that stood out and resembled bacon. I also added a humorous disclaimer at the bottom.

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