Unreal Underdogs we're not realistic we're unreal

zoe: Business Manager

Hi! I'm Zoe. I like the color pink and like to draw. I'm looking forward to making a movie theater, restaurant and arcade. I have graduated from Penn State and I won an award in Best Architecture Firm.

lovisa: interior designer

Hello, I'm Lovisa. I like the color mint green and I like to read and play volleyball in my free time. I graduated from BYU in Provo, Utah. I won the Best Interior Designer award.

magaly: landscape desiGn

Hello, my name is Magaly. My favorite color is aqua. I like to draw and meet new people. I graduated from George Mason University. I won the Best Presenter from an Architecture Firm.

Kailynn: architect

Hi, my name is Kailynn. My favorite color is blue. I like to read and swim in my free time. I graduated from Boulder Colorado University. I won the Best Architect award.

Function of the Structure:

To provide family friendly movies. Provide high quality food and theaters. To give people a fun time in the arcade and eat at the diner. To show that you don't have to get up to get food, because it`s delivered to you. To enjoy the movies with your family and friends.

Look at a few of our Bulidings

Color Coats 1996
Shaper Shapes 1999
Waving Waves 2005

Unreal underdogs Architecture Firm Blog

The Unreal Underdog Architecture Firm strove to win a bid to design a structure from Mr. Guilfoyle, Associate Superintendent of Technology and Communications. To do this, we took ideas from I.M Pei's work. We took his idea of pyramids for our roof. Since the basic theory of Architecture is "function over form" , we listed the function of our building as family friendly fun. Given this function we then decided on the following form. At this point each person in the firm started working on their own area of this project. The General Contractor (Zoe) worked closely with the Chief Architect (Kailynn) to design and build the walls, roof, and place the windows. The Landscape Architect (Magaly) designed the outside area to provide pleasing yet efficient pedestrian traffic model. The Interior Architect (Lovisa) produced a design that helped people through each area and provided for a comfortable environment. In conclusion, this structure is a fun building that provides entertainment for all ages.

Our Design
Our Design
Our Design
Thank you for listening to our presentation.


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