Counter Strike: Global Offense Wingman (2v2) and Arms Race Tournament Rules

Counter Strike: Global Offense (CS:GO) will be played on computers (Windows, Mac, and Linux systems capable of running Steam) in the traditional LAN Party style.

PLEASE NOTE / FLAN PARTY IS "BYOC" (bring your own computer): all players are responsible for bringing their own computer equipment (which includes, but is not limited to, desktop computers, laptop computers, power strips, monitors, keyboards, mice, headsets, etc). Players must ensure that their equipment is capable of running CS:GO as well as Steam, must have CS:GO installed on their systems prior to arriving at FLAN Party, and must have an active Steam account in good standing (i.e. - no VAC bans or cool down periods; please refer to the FLAN Party General Rules for more information). Players should not assume that computer hardware will be provided for them, or that internet download speeds at the venue (FACC) will be adequate for downloading software upon arrival.


  • Wingman is a 2v2 game mode in CS:GO. Players will form teams of 2.
  • Teams will compete by playing a maximum of 16 rounds (first to win 9 rounds wins), with each round taking the standard 1:45. Starting money for each team will be $800, and the map will be chosen by casting lots (we're gonna pull the name of the map out of a hat).
  • In the event of a tie (8 to 8), overtime will be played with a maximum of 6 rounds (first to 4 rounds wins) and each team starting with $7,000. Overtime will continue to be played until one team wins.
  • Teams will compete in a single elimination bracket.
  • The team that wins the final heat will be declared the Winner and each player on that team will receive their own 1st place prize!


  • The match structure of an Arms Race game takes place in a single round with no time limit.
  • At match start, all players spawn with the same weapon and will respawn instantly on death.
  • Players are invulnerable after spawning and will stay invulnerable for a short time unless they fire their weapon.
  • The goal of the mode is to RACE the other players to the highest level weapon and get a kill. To reach the highest level, players must upgrade their weapons by progressing through weapon levels by eliminating players on the other team.
  • The last weapon in the progression is the Golden Knife. The match ends when one person kills an enemy with the Golden Knife.
  • The winner of our Arms Race Tournament will be declared the Winner and receive a prize!


  • The following game settings will be used for standard "regulation" time games in Wingman: mp_startmoney 800, mp_roundtime 1.75, mp_freezetime 15, mp_maxrounds 16, mp_c4timer 35, sv_pausable 1.
  • The following game settings will be used for "overtime" in Wingman: mp_maxrounds 6, mp_startmoney 7000


  • The map pool will always be the current Active Duty map pool: de_dust 2, de_nuke, de_cache, de_train, de_mirage, de_cobblestone, de_overpass.


  • In general, all scripts are illegal except for buy, toggle, and demo scripts. Examples of illegal scripts include, but are not limited to: jumpthrow, stop shoot scripts (Use or AWP scripts), center view scripts, turn scripts (180° or similar), no recoil scripts, burst fire scripts, rate changers (lag scripts), FPS scripts, anti-flash scripts or bindings (snd_* bindings), bunny hop scripts, stop sound scripts. Violations of this rule will lead to a warning, followed by disqualification if the player/team does not stop using the illegal script. Players can report any suspected prohibited activity to any FLAN Party staff.


  • All In-Game overlays – provided by the game itself – except the following are forbidden: cl_showpos 1, cl_showfps 1, net_graph 0/1 (though it should be noted that players are not allowed to abuse the net_graph overlay to assist in aiming as determined by FLAN Party staff).


  • Changing the in-game graphics or textures with the help of video card drivers or similar tools is prohibited. Furthermore, any kind of overlay that displays system performance while playing (e.g. Nvidia SLI Display, Rivatuner Overlays) is also prohibited. Tools that display only FPS will be permitted.
  • The usage of a color depth of 16 bit is not allowed.


Don't forget that we are here to give glory and honor to God, and to have fun! In other words, don't take the game as seriously as your conduct, sportsmanship, and your relationship with the other competitors and staff at FLAN Party. To God be the glory!

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