History of Primary schooling at Krb by Bolly.W, Emma.C, Emma.S, Eloise.T and Millie.S

Since 1964, Kincoppal Rose bay has had a junior school. Beginning as a tiny room across from the chapel, Kincoppal has educated young women and men. It is now a girls catholic school. KRB began only educating women and eventually became co-educational.

KIncoppal Rose Bay


At kincoppal rose bay we have a vast range of different subjects, some we hate and some we love. When KRB started in the late 1800’s the subjects and the school curriculum was very different to today's Australian curriculum. The subjects that they taught were: Reading, Writing ,Arithmetic (maths),History, Grammar, Rhetoric (persuasive writing),Technology (sewing for girls, woodwork for boys) Religion Over time the subjects that they learnt back then have evolved into the subjects we now learn in primary school in modern society. During the time that many of us were at primary school we would have been familiar with these subjects: English, Maths, Science, Art, PDHPE ,Languages, Technology, Social skills,Religion

What Kincoppal School would have looked like in the late 1800's


5 nuns were sent from england to travel to Australia and create a small school. The five nuns were Mother Febronie Vercruysse, Mother Mary Jackson, Mother Rose Dunne, Mother Alice Woodward and Sister Sarah Simpson. Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat established the Society of The Sacred Heart; a Catholic teaching order in France, in 1800. The purpose of this teaching order was to make known the love of God revealed in the Heart of Christ through the education of women; both the rich and poor classes. She created new place and spaces for the education of women that had an impact on society far beyond her own expectations and lifetime.

The school was a boarding school giving the nuns/teachers a mother role for the students, especially the younger ones. In the 1960s they changed the school and admitted some day girls. KRB had sisters teaching at the school both primary and secondary, they would teach them all the regular subjects and the importance of keeping up with your religious practices.The nun’s and five original sisters of the sacred heart, founded this school to teach and educate the less fortunate and poorer children, who couldn't afford schooling. In the Quote: “For the sake of one child, I would have founded the Society.”This shows the genuine concern for others and their vital education. It also shows the devotion to helping others in their struggles and difficulties.


Boy’s and girl’s participated in many subjects together but were separated in other subjects such as woodwork and sewing/technology. Whilst the girls were participating in technology, where they would learn to cook and sew, the boys would go to woodwork, where they would learn the basic ways to construct and build everyday objects that are common and useful.They would also learn arithmetic and english, as well as history and geography and religion. Religion was, and still is, a very important part to Kincoppal Rose bay and its history. It was the base of most other subjects and was tied within science, maths and english. They used religion to explain some of the natural phenomena that occurred and that the teachers couldn't explain and often spent up to 3 hours a day praying.

a diary entry of a krb girl in the 1800's

KRB has evolved from its past, expanding its horizons through the modernization and improvement of building and education. It teaches a vast variety of subjects and empowers young women to participate and do their best. KRB women of past and present experience great success within their lives, and continue to follow the five sacred heart Goals.

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