The Beauty of Life Saving the environment

This website was created to make small changes for a bigger impact. The environment is in a very delicate and critical condition and it is up to us to be care takers of the earth. We live here, we eat its food and nutrients, we are healed from its herbs, we breath the air that it provides and the earth provides us life.
Mother nature is our home and she provides for all of her children. There are many contributors to why the environment is in such as state but the leading contributor is US. Humans. Mankind has evolved greatly over time and in the most recent century has made even greater leaps in technology and agriculture.
Ever since the 19th century, the manufacturing, agriculture and infrastructure has greatly increased because of population growth. This had caused many negative impacts on the environment such as increased greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, pollution, over exploitation and most importantly climate change.
Climate Change has been an epic and controversial conversation amongst many politicians, environmentalist, scientist, researchers and more. There have been many claims that climate change is a myth and that humans can go on living the way we do. Others such as Bill Nye and many other scientist and people who care for the environment, believe that is is happening and the main cause is US.
My goal is to educate myself and become a advocate for the environment through my school, my job, and my community. I hope to educate others and bring more awareness to those around me. I want to make small changes in my life that contribute to all life on earth. The question is, Will you help me?
The earth is our home and it our responsibility to do right by it and its inhabitants.
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Chelsey Hunter


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