The Pink Mustangs By:Sydney

Wow, who knew that building a bot could be so fun! My name is Sydney and my partner’s name is Kyli! Our bot that we made is awesome! You should totally vote for us. Our bot’s name is The Pink Mustang. We came up with the name Pink Mustang to represent Newell-Fonda. We are doing this project for our English class. The Pink Mustang is the best because it is fast, strong, and steady.

The Pink Mustang is fast because however fast you push it, is how fast it goes. So if you push it with your full speed, then it will go all your speed. Our bot is fast because it’s on a scooter with four wheels. The Pink Mustang’s has ability to go fast which makes it tough to beat.

The Pink Mustang is awesome because it is strong. It is strong because it can hold up a lot of weight. When you push it, the boxes don’t even fall off. It moves quickly even with them on the scooter. The Pink Mustang’s strength makes it great for the bot war.

The Pink Mustang is the coolest because it is steady. It is steady because when we taped the scooter to the cardboard pieces that had circles cut out of it, we tried to take it off to see if it was steady and it was! The Pink Mustang’s steadiness gave it another advantage over the other bots.

Because The Pink Mustang was fast, strong, and steady, it was one of the best bots in the war. These are three great reasons to vote for our bot!

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