Free Flevy Downloads PowerPoint Diagramming Tools, Guides on Robotic Process Automation, Benchmarking, Lean six Sigma, and Customer Experience

A couple years ago, we developed a "PowerPoint plugin" for creating business diagrams called Flevy Tools. With Flevy Tools, you can create 1000s of variations of commonly used business diagrams, e.g. Value Chains, Timelines, Pyramids, Relationship Diagrams, Flowcharts, etc.

This is the last chance to get a copy of Flevy Tools for FREE, as we are developing a new version that will be tied to our paid subscription service, FlevyPro. Flevy Tools has already been downloaded by well over 30K+ professionals and very popular inside the management consulting community.

Download Flevy Tools

Full details to download for FREE here.

The upcoming version of Flevy Tools will have many significant improvements and innovative features. It will only be available to members of FlevyPro, our subscription service for business frameworks and templates.

Here are 3 other free giveaways we are offering through Flevy:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – the RPA market doubles every 6 month

Robotic Process Automation

Get our RPA deck for free here.

Customer Experience – Based on the Digital Transformation Strategy thinking of McKinsey and Accenture

Customer Experience

Get our CX deck for free here.

Data-Validated Benchmarking – Gain actionable Tech industry insights on Business Transformation

Data-Validated Benchmarking

Download our market research report for free here.

If you can’t view any of these links, connect with David Tang (click here) on LinkedIn first.

About FlevyPro

FlevyPro has been very well received among boutique consultancies, SMB executives, and Lean practitioners. In particular, independent consultants and owners of boutique consulting firms have been the biggest fans.

Why is this the case?

The reason, we found, is simple. A core competitive advantage of global consulting firms is they have access to an internal, proprietary database of consulting frameworks and past deliverable's. This allows them to deploy inexperienced project teams to clients, because their teams are armed with well-researched and proven methodologies. FlevyPro now provides the smaller firms that same, if not greater, access to a library of business frameworks.

FlevyPro Documents

Here are some customer testimonials:

David Coloma, Consulting Area Manager at Cynertia Consulting, states:

As a niche strategic consulting firm, Flevy and FlevyPro frameworks and documents are an on-going reference to help us structure our findings and recommendations to our clients as well as improve their clarity, strength, and visual power. For us, it is an invaluable resource to increase our impact and value.

David Harris, Managing Director at Futures Strategy Group, said:

FlevyPro provides business frameworks from many of the global giants in management consulting that allow you to provide best in class solutions for your clients.

You can browse the materials available to FlevyPro members here:

We are offering an exclusive discount to FlevyPro for the Lean Six Sigma LinkedIn community. Use the promo code LSSAPRIL to receive a 41% lifetime discount.

Ppromo code LSSAPRIL

Direct link click here

This is the steepest discount we have offered, since the launch of FlevyPro over a year ago.

One last announcement

We are looking to work with Lean Six Sigma & Quality consultants that work in the Auto Parts space. If you know of anyone, please put them in touch with David Tang. You can email David Tang directly at

More details on the consulting partnership program here

If you like these business tools we give away, feel free to connect w/David Tang on LinkedIn. David Tang is constantly giving away free business tools (presentations, whitepapers, templates) from Flevy and their partners.

I invite you to directly connect to David Tang, the CEO of Flevy

David Tang, @Flevydocs

Last Chance: FREE Download of our PowerPoint Plugin for creating 1000s of common business diagrams

Join the Kaizen Group Discussion: [Free Downloads] LAST CHANCE for our PowerPoint Diagramming Tools + Guides on Continuous Improvement, Benchmarking, and Customer Experience

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